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What kind of bite or sting would cause a red welt surrounded by a pink ring at least a week after the event?
I noticed the bite about a week and a half ago, and it has steadily gotten larger. It is now about three and a half inches in diameter, with a 1.5 inch diameter red circle in the center surrounded by a pink ring. The red circle in the center feels like a bruise, painful to any touch, and the whole thing is hot. I know it is not a flea, mosquito, brown recluse or black widow bite, and my Dr. has me on Keflex, which I started two days ago. Any help ID'ing the insect or suggestions on how else to care for it would be helpful.

jarrett k
You should consider looking into the bite from a "deer" tick, which causes a bull's eye appearance well after the initial bite takes place. This should be checked ASAP, as this type of tick is known for causing Lyme Disease.

Being its hot is a bad sign. It isn't lyme disease. or at least it doesn't sound like my cousins bite (he had lyme) It is hard to target what bug it would of been. What makes it harder is the fact that some peoples bodies react different to bites.

You got stung bye a wasp or yellow jacket bee.
You should call doctor or go to your drug store.. maybe they can suggest something for you.

It may be from a tick bite. This is usually how it's described.

u have a ring worm. Ask your pharmacist, now! It's catching.

sounds a bit like lyme disease. google it. or seeing as we're om Yahoo, maybe Yahoo it.

I'm thinking a deer tick, because lyme disease makes a target mark around the bite-google images of it and you will see! I hope not for your sake, but that's definitely what it sounds like to me.

dave a
I got bit by a mosqito and that happen. took about two weeks before it left

You might try talking to an Entomologist ( a bug specialist ). They are usually familiar with the poisons of insects & arachnids as well. It is good that you have been to the doctor. My fiancee was bitten by a spider about a month ago and had a similar reaction. Her provider put her on Doxycycline. We know it was a spider in this case because the corpse was still in the bed after she sqaushed it. It was just a tiny thing, but that may be why it was so bad. Sometimes the smaller ones have the stronger venom. Good luck to you. Hope you get better soon.

i had the same exact thing about a month ago. i dont know what caused it but i had the same reaction, swelling, hot to the touch, sore,,,,get watkins pepro-carbo,,,,it cleared mine up in 2 days

Sounds like a tick bite. I'm thinking Lyme's Disease could be a concern. Look at the picture in the link below to see if it looks like your bite.

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