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What is this white stuff on my contact lens?
It looks like it could come off but I don't want to rip my lens. Could it be fungus?

Did your boyfriend blow a wad in your I?

Protien buildup causes that white stuff to appear. Just soak it in a multi purpose solution for about 6 hours and then rub. It will come right off.

probably protein - put your contacts in your case with some lens cleaner and let them soak for a while and it should come right off

Im guessing its excess cleaner, that stuff that you clean your contacts with. Rinse them off and maybe it will come off.

Stop pulling yourself off or look the other way!


It's protien.If it doesn't come of by rubbing it
wiyh a few drops of solution you will have to
soak it in fresh solution for about 4 hours.If it doesn't come off after that you can buy these
protien remover tablets at walmart.Good Luck!!
Aren't contacts great?

U Better Watch Your Mouth hhhhhhhhhhhh!!

no i dont think so. if u have desposable contacts then maybe u should throw those away just to be sure. or just try to clean it with solution and see if it comes off.
hope this helped

It could be fungus, but most likely it's Calcium deposit or mucus from the eye that built up. it's time for a new set of lenses.

Sounds like protein build up. Don't try to rub it off! Give them a heat cleaning. If you don't have the machine for this, take them to your optomitrist. Usually for a small fee they will give you the best cleaning possible. Of course, they will also let you know if it is worth it. You may have to start rubbing your lenses instead of just rinsing them to avoid this from happening again. GL

just me here
Whatever it is, tells you that you shouldn't be
stcking it in your eyeball!
Get a new pair.............

Protein buildup. Take them out every so often and clean them with solution. That should take care of it! Best of luck!

Poopsie the Embarassed Kitten
That is protein buildup. Lemme guess, you're not cleaning them regularly, huh?

Amanda K
It's probably a protein deposit. If you wear disposables, it's time to change them. If not, it's time for some serious cleaning.

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