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What is the fastest way to bring extremely high blood pressure down???

elemate stress, stay away from processed foods, drink lots of water, take medication, see your doctor, SALT... really bad for you...............

Sir J
Prescription medication.

Take a baby Aspirin, place it under the tongue or chew it up and swallow.It tastes awful, but it will bring the pressure down. See a doctor about this problem immediately!

Blood pressure pills and maybe some other additional treatment for the moment. Get them now, from your doctor!!!

it is very dangerous to fast drop your high blood pressure because it was built up gradually and your body is getting use to it. the only right way is monitored pressure drop in hospital.

get to the doctor fast! been there done that...I am 43 right now and when I was 40 I had 4 blood vessels burst in my brain because I put things off I was told I am nothing short of a miracle to be here. have not been the same since though. my father and i are taking Lisinopril.....him 10 mg....me 40 mg seems to work well dont wait and good luck

Only in a hospital, they give you diuretics and maybe Tramadol.

uhh, I would say extermely high blood pressure is a medical emergency and you need to get to a hospital so you can be treated. Extreme high blood pressure can cause heart attack, stroke and is not to be taken lightly and treated yourself. Aspirin thins the blood and may help if your having a heart attack but I dont think theres any home remedy to treat extreme high blood pressure, only a hospital has those medications.

If the blood pressure is dangerously high, then you should be going to the ER as soon as possible. They have medications which they can give through the IV to lower the pressure.

If left untreated, high blood pressure can lead to a serious stroke which can be fatal. Please don't wait.

nitroglycerin pill--prescription

get a jar of minced Garlic and eat it. HONEST!!! It will lower the blood pressure. TO follow up make sure you have Garlic in your fdiet.

Other than natural remedies, which are always my first choice, I know the drug Kozaar really works well for my sister.

Julia L.
How high is extremely high? If it's above 200, then get to the nearest emergency room. Paramedics sometimes will bleed someone from a vein to reduce blood pressure, but DO NOT try that at home. Just go to the ER. If it's below 200, then make a doctor's appointment and be seen ASAP. Extreme hypertension can cause heart attack, kidney damage, and stroke.

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