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 Wtf did i just pull out of my own arm?
Hi, about 3 months ago this wierd pimple/blackhead looking thing appeared on my arm, i guess on the front of my left shoulder. It was kinda wierd, because it had a black thing that seemed to be just ...

 Hi, one of my close friends says she cannot sleep at night, she would only fall asleep...?
...at five in the morning when it is almost time to wake up! :-(

she does not want to take any drugs though so can you suggest any natural remedie to this problem?

She said she ...

 Does being sick cause your hair to fall out?
I have been sick this summer. I first had my gallbladder out about two months ago and then shortly after that, I was diagnosed with viral meningitis. I have noticed that for the last few weeks that ...

 Is asprin and ibuprofen the same thing?

Additional Details
My friend is on the phone with me, and she's asking me this question, because she's been prescribed a huge amount of ibuprofen, and is on meds that interact ...

 I need to stop smoking marijuana?
I have smoked since I was 14............. I'm now 21!!!! Me and my girlfriend just had a baby girl and i really need to get help. I'm worried smoking will stop me from getting a career and ...

 PLEASE HELP!!! what to do when someone drank too much alcohol?
My husband has never drank before. Then tonight he drank almost a whole 375 ml bottle of Jager in less than an hour before I even knew it. About 45 minutes later he fell asleep. I didn't like ...

 Do u believe exercise is the key to loosing weight?

 Does anyone know any tricks to getting your voice back quickly?
I kinda lost my voice and im in a position where im gonna need it soon and so i was wondering if anyone had any good tricks!...

 Does it hurt 2 hiccup and burp @ the same time??

 How do you get a good night's sleep?
I'm only a teen but i suddenly had like sleeping problems like waking sometime in the night then can't fall asleep, but then feel like sleepin in the mornin, which i cant cuz of school?...

 What is the EASIEST way to quit smoking? and dont say "cold turkey"...?
it may be the best way...but I need easy!!! Any herbs or supplements to take to make it easier?..Ive already started working out every day....any ideas???...

 What is causing me to have pins and needles continuously in my right hand?

 What are good ways of combating stress?
IF you suggest a product, could you also give a few places of where to purchase it? ...

 Passive Smoking..My Hubby insists on smoking in the bathroom..Im trying to get pregnant, is there...?
any pictures etc on the effects, that could shock him into being less selfish? I dont like him smoking but he chooses to, why should i have to suffer it also? i choose not to smoke. I know he will ...

 Is it possible to soften a stool that is already ready to 'come out' of my anus?
As it is too hard and dry too come out, and hurts so much that I am sweating and my eyes are watering.

I have taken a laxative liquid medication....

 Converting kg into pounds...?
Hi I have recently had my baby weighed, and he is 9.28kg. Does anyone know what this works out as in pounds? I think roughly its 20.4lbs but am not sure. Thanks for your answers....

 What should a sick person be doing to get better as soon as possible?
my friend is really sick and she doesn't know why.. she has been throwing up everything she has eaten even chicken broth and saltines. and she feels like poop and she doesn't know why! also ...

 Does anyone recommend a product for clearing up fungal toe nails? preferably not a tablet form?

 What is the best thing for migraines???
not just some over the counter crap.ive tried everything you can get from the store...i need something that really works...i have even tried 2 different prescriptions and nothing has worked so far......

 What is recommended for treating toenail fungus?
My two big toes are infected and I want to know what would work to help restore my nails....

Respiratory Therapist
What is the best way to get yourself admitted to the hospital.?

Additional Details
I'm just curious because i need a couple of days off from work cause i am too tired.

Chest pain will do it every time.

Jill S
Show up at the ER complaining of "chest pain". Instant admission.

Sholom L


Daisy Mae
Believe me, I have been in your shoes.

Why not pretend that you passed out or that you are dizzy & lightheaded?

Go to the lobby and strip down and lay there till they haul you to a bed. That worked for a patient I took cared for.

why dont you request a leave of absents from work for afew days,instead of doing something to get yourself in the hospital.

OKay.....well a hospital is the worst place to go to be left alone. No matter what you admit for, they will be checking your blood pressure and temperature every 2 hours. Even through the night!! And the only way to get admitted without injuring yourself, is to threaten to injure yourself. Then they really do a ton of checking on you in the hospital, besides getting locked down into a special ward. That opens up a whole new can of worms that actually lead to you being laid-off from work.

Jump in front of a car?

overdose on meds???

Set yourself on fire???


Break a leg. Hep F. Burst appendix.

Or when nothing else seems to work - try a dose of honesty. Bring some suggestions with you (i.e. Half days, flex hours, 4 day work week)

If you are suicidal and depressed they will admit you to the mental health unit and the best thing is that is completely confidential so you can rest in a place where everyone is really nice to you and you can eat watch tv and relax. that is what i would do and you cant get in trouble at work for that one but just make sure you dont tell people because it could get out i would suggest going to the hospital in the next town to prevent people from knowing and then just tell people it was too much stress if anyone does find out.

Apply for a job there.

just go to the hospital and tell them u r suicidal that usually works

Forget it Even if they admit you to hospital.By the time your doc has sent you too various specialists and they in turn require x-rays,blood tests, urine tests and all sorts of diagnostic data they admit you to hospital for a couple of days(one night).They'll fill you full of drugs feed you inintroveniously, you'll sleep like a baby.when they wake you from your drug induced sleep Get you to sign acouple of waverers and other documents let you go home. Back at work your rejuvenated and feel a million bucks. Then you get the medical bills Crikey I'll need to work my buns off to get out of debt.Now your tired, very tired and depressed with lots debt

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