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Krystal N
What is the best way to break a fever and if a 2 years old has temp of 103.5 should i take him to the doctor?

tell me all!!!
get to the ER right now!!!

Put him in a bathtub with cool water and give him some Tylenol and alternate with Advil. This should work but after one hour if temp is still up call doctor

Yes, he definitly needs to go to the doctor. Children's Tylenol or Advil should bring down the fever. Follow the package directions for the child's age and weight.

A cool bath and Tylenol or Motrin for infants. But if it doesn't come down even the slightest then you should definitely take them to the doctor.

Fever is not an illness -- it is a symptom of something being wrong. With a 2-year old, it's more than likely caused by new teeth erupting. While 103.5 seems quite high, it's not unusual in young children. Try giving him a pediatric fever reducer, NOT Aspirin, keep clothing equal (if he's wearing a short-sleeved shirt, have him wearing short pants, too.) DO NOT pile blankets, etc., on him...it will only make it worse.

A good thing is to get a basin of water and wet your hands and begin rubbing the child's skin in circular motions. There's something about the water evaporating on the skin that will make it cooler and cause the temperature to come down. Some people use rubbing alcohol for this, but it doesn't work any better than water, just because it smells like medicine. Also, you wouldn't want him to inhale the alcohol.

If this doesn't work for you, then definitely have your child seen by his doctor! Hope this helps you out.

~ ΓΆβ„ΆΒ¥ ~ Annette ~ ΓΆβ„ΆΒ¥ ~
call the dr - try to give an enema - my mom always did that with my son and it almost always broke the fever in an hour or so

try some Tylenol.if that doesn't work then rush him to a doctor or emergency room.

Run to the Doctor, don't walk. It is one thing for an adult, to have a high fever, and a whole other story, for a 2 year old child. High fevers, can be extremely dangerous for young children.

Go to the doctor!!!!!!!!

Girl With Kaleidescope Eyes
Give him some kid's Tylenol, and then take him to the doctor (or ER) pronto! If you must break his fever without taking him to the doctor, run him a bath (warm/lukewarm) and keep him in it until it cools down, it should bring his fever down.

give him childrens fever reducer and put a cool rag on his forehead. You should take him to the doctor if the fever doesn't go down soon. The cool rag seems to help my child when they had a fever.

if motrium doesnt work then you can put the child in a very warm tub of water and it will break his fever or rub them down with alcohol, but if your two year old child has a fvever over 100, then you should get them to the hospital.

Do not give him a cool bath. It will shock his system. Put cool cloths on forehead, under armpits, and groin area.
Give Tylenol. If the fever doesn't break soon, take to Dr.

break a fever, Tylenol... go to the doctor.. yes!!

make sure the baby has nothing on but a diaper and a light cover, bundling can make the fever rise. I would give the baby childrens Advil and then 2 hours later Tylenol. if the fever is still up in the morining i would take him to the Dr. and if rises up to 104. bring him in tonight. good luck. God Bless.

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