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What is a terminal patient?
terminal cancer patient with morphine drop does it mean it is the end?

manda panda
idk honey

Unfortunately, it does mean that the person will die soon.

Some people like to say that the patient is expiring soon, which sounds kind of funny.

yep, dead before you know it

There's not enough info to tell really but if it's a terminal patient by sheer definition of a terminal patient, you know the end can't be too far away

The Biz
they'll die unless a miracle happens

Terminal means, sorry to say, unable to be helped to recover, by any means...death is imminent.

a person who is going to die....

Ms. Le'Kia
A terminal patient is someone who is going to die because there is nothing else that can be done for them. Usually the Dr just tries to keep them comfortable.

Angela C
terminal means that they are going to die, it means that supportive care (pain management) will be provided but no further treatment or cure will be attempted.

yes. im so sorry.

terminal means they will die

Someone thats going to die, no cure.

Roberto S.
a terminal patient is someone that according to medical statistics and information WILL die, now someone with a Morphine drip, if has cancer, does not means that she/he is a gonner, maybe just in lots of pain, but soon enough the person will die


yeah the Morphine drop is to ease the pain until death. the Morphine also speed the death process

yes sadly if this is happening to someone in your family i am so sorry

a patient whos condition has gone to far along or is to seriouse and they will eventually be killed by it. it really is sad

Liet Kynes
yea, they're going to die

It means they're going to die in all likelihood. There's no cure for their disease and it's killing them.

pretty much. they use Morphine to ease the pain so that they can live the rest of their short life in as little discomfort as possible.

A terminal cancer patient means that there is no chance for a cure.
Yes, it is pretty much the end.
I'm sorry.

Yes unfortunately the term refers to someone who is going to die because of his/her illness.

I am afraid so.

They are going to die. They are dying.

yep, sorry. terminal means death

yes patient is not expected to live

Not who you think ....
Terminal means terminally ill which is the end. It means that they are going to die but does not give a definate amount of time left. The Morphine drip means that they are not worried about addiction (because of impending death) that they are using it to keep the patient comfortable. Hope that helps!

"terminal" means the patient is dying. the Morphine is just medication to ease the pain. basically you make the patient "comfortable" but other than that there isn't much other treatment available.

Mediocre Deity
Terminal means they believe it is the end. Some terminal patients recover, but not very often. I'm sorry if this is about someone you know.

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