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 My 11 month old has a bad cough when I lay him down for bed and it keeps him up all night. What can I do?
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keep your stinking cigy buts in your smelly car...
it is illegal to throw ...

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 My right ear has been sort of vibrating when I make certain movements and feels clogged.?
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 I want to be a vegatarian but my parents wont let me. how do i let them let me become one?

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 Trapped Wind!!!?
Whats a good cure or something that can help with trapped wind? Hopefully something that I could find at home....

 Please help me!!?
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Jazzsuzan *
What is a medical induced coma?

It's a coma that's medically induced duuuuh

It's when they keep you asleep with drugs, if they stop the drugs you will wake up.

amber e
its one caused by a reaction to medicine or medically forced

when they give you so much medicine that it makes you go under

If I take too much insulin for my Diabetis, I can slip into a coma & never wake up again. Cool eh!

Its when doctors give you medication that puts you in a coma temporarly, and you can be brought out at any time. They do this for certain medical emergencys where if you were awake the condition could be life threatening and such. hope this helps

inducing someone into a "coma" via medication where it makes sense medically

It's a way for the body to rest. If medical providers feel that a person is too sick or injured to get well or even survive because the energy it takes to just "be", they'll put them into a drug-induced coma so that they can regain strenghth.

Jim C
It's not actually a coma. They sedate you to the point to where your body just basically functions on it's own with no cognative responses. They usually do this with severe burn victims so they don't feel the pain.

Its when Doctors give medication to trauma patients to purposely put them into a coma. It helps the brain recover from the injury.

It is a state of sleep caused by the intentional use of drugs to create unconsciousness. It is used to relieve severe pain caused by cancer in the area where I work. When a pt starts actively dying, it would be cruel to allow them to be conscious when they are filling up with fluid and start developing the "death rattle", so Morphine or other more strong pain meds are given along with Ativan or Valium to keep the pt sleeping or what is called an induced coma.

It is where a patient is administered drugs to stop them from moving/fighting against treatment. Or from causing themselves harm during an accute medical event. Or allow For adequate "resting" time for healing. Patients will usually be intubated and placed on a ventalator. Drugs are also given that produce a sleep like effet so that the patient doesn't remember whats happening, Am example a patient cames in with severe head trauma. They may need to be medically paralyised in order to properly assess them and then to treat them.
This is in very simple laymans terms, There are many reasons & ways to do this.

shirley e
They put meds in an IV to put the patient to sleep. Or a coma as you call it.

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