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LOL @ you, welshy, on my way ...

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Its not the kind of bags you get from smoking its the kind you get from lack of sleep.

PS. I get 10 hrs of sleep a night so thats not it....

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*Miss C*
What hapens when you crack ur knuckles...?
and what are the long term effects of cracking ur knuckes....ive been doing that instead of biting my nails and i want to know what gonna happen if i do it alot ps i do it ike at least 15 times a day for each hand and my freinds say its annoying but i cant stop!

i dunno but i do it too...and someone told me i could get arthiritus


When a person pulls quickly on his or her finger, a vacuum is created in the joint cavity between the phalanges, displacing the synovial fluid normally found in the cavity. The popping sound occurs when the fluid rushes back into the cavity.

nothing will happen. they saay your knuckles will get bigger as you get older or something..but they won't! i pop mine alot tooo!

Carlos Lujan

There are several answers that are right, nitrogen gas is trapped in the fluid inside your joints, just like CO2 is trapped in cola. When you release the pressure on a soda can, the gas comes out in bubble form. Cracking your knuckles stretches out the joint and causes less pressure on the fluid, the nitrogen gas comes out in bubble form, causing the pop you hear. This is called a cavitation. After about 15 min, the gas will disolve again and you can pop your knuckle again. There are no side effects other than losening your joints. This does not cause enlarged knuckles or arthritis.

popping bone sounds, may cause arthritis

nothing will happen except better circulation and it feels good and if it feels good theres nothing wrong with it ya dummy.

Common myths are that it will deform your fingers, make them fat, or cause arthritus. The truth in these myths is unknown, but I've cracked my knuckles for ten plus years without problems.

Your skin will stretch and it would wrinkle and look weird

Pockets of nitrogen gas accumulate in your joints, and "pop" when you "crack" them. Nitrogen is an element of your body, so it just moves into other areas - no harm there.

The threat for arthritis it that everytime you crack your knucles - you pop the nitrogen bubbles and force your bones against your cartilage and tendons and ligaments - thus wearing them away slowly but surely. And that's gonna hurt one day when you have no more flesh atwixt your bones.


Reading this answer may cause side effects such as cracked teeth, severe cramping, abnormal hair growth, sinus infection, forking of the tongue, and broken fingernails.

air bubbles pop. and a kitten dies.

ur fingers will get bigger, shorter, bonier...but d whole purpose is 2 get ur knuckles bigger(which it does)nd it helps u in fights!plus it scares d hell out of wimpynd scared guys when they here it...ha ha.....

Crackikng your knuckles constantly can over time cause Arthritis and that is very painful. I crack my neck several times a day and have been doing it for 10 years and now I have slight arthritis in my neck. So, if you can stop I suggest you do. Cause Arthritis is definitely not fun. trying to stop myself.

J.B. Goode
This bad habit does nothing more than wear down the cartilage.

There's gas trapped inside the sinovial fluid, which is inside your articulations. It builds up little gas bubbles that pop every time you crack your knuckles. It's not bad to do it, just annoying.

‚ô•Spiky Sandy‚ô•
I crack my knuckles too. I've been researching it for years. All the medical evidence says that it will NOT give you arthritis. It's just you removing the air pockets from the joint.

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