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littlerock arkansas gal
What gets weed out of your system fast say like in 6 days?

there is no way to get weed out of your system in 6 days- by drinking water that will only cause a urine test to come back negative to weed or Marijuana, generally it is out of your system in 7-10 days. bummer you need it out in 6!

a lot of water

10/21/08 ITS A GIRL!
Nothings for sure but if you try the sure-gel method thats worked for my best friend several times. Go to the store and buy some sure-gel (the blue box) and mix it with a gallon of water and drink the WHOLE thing and when youre done with that you MUST drink an entire gallon of regular water and the only way it will work is if you do all of this in one setting. Hope this helps!


your retarded dont do that stuff. anyway for your question, dirnk water and pee

You could buy some stuff called ReadyClean or Strip both work differently just follow the directions....

If you wanna do it naturally drink a lot of water and exercise a lot....

Peter C
Nicene Pills!!! it works, trust me!!!

~Ta Da~

Grant G
there's not a whole lot you can do...but if you must, drink water and excercise.

Got a drug test? aint your system you got to worry about its your hair i heard that that sh*t stays in your hair longer than you system. Good luck.

Mary W
Drink a gallon of water in the morning, half gallon at night, half gallon the next day. wait one day. Drink half gallon in the morning. clears you up as clean as a mountain spring.

10 glasses of prune juice.

Jim Jam
just smoke weed again. You won't be able to get it out of your system in time, but at least you'll have fun by smoking week again.

lol, lots of water and vinegar

Nothing. Unfortunately, it takes at least 30 days for a heavy marijuana user to clean his or her system and fewer days for an occasional user, though certainly more than the six days you have available. Ironically, if you were a heroin addict you would be clean within three days. Marijuana, for all intents and purposes is far less damaging that say alcohol, but it is illegal and while employers hire alcoholics regularly they are engaged in a high and mighty charade when it comes to ganja. Welcome to the new age of fascism.

Golden seal ..you can get it at GNC

**I am not a doctor, see your doctor before taking any supplement****

Alan W
Not smoking it in the first place.

Go to a smoke shop or novelty goods shop around where you live, they will have things you can drink to get it out of your system (usually a whole gallon you have to drink in one day, very bad taste), and some offer pills.. but they are usually pretty pricey. I just used fake urine (you can microwave it then keep it against your belly when you go in for the drug test so they wont find it)

i use to take lots of Niacin and play basketball so i would sweat a lot, or go in the sauna i was fine in 3 days good luck

A miracle.

Lol your screwed.

nothing itll stay in your hairs compounds for months, i take it you have a drug test in 6 days? impressive wise guy

A mixture of water and vinegar; 2 tablespoons of vinegar to a gallon of water for two to three days,and you should be good to go.

Ann R
First of all, stop smoking it.

The Niacin in energy drinks and fig newtons usually does the trick. Drink as much as you can, pee as much as you can. Don't drink too much water, you will get water poisoning.

Consuming Parsley is also said to clear the bloodstream, but if it's a blood or folicle test you are screwed.

drink lemon water.i haven't tried it for that purpose but i use it to detox a buildup of medications i take.get wise and stop smoking weed or doing harmful things to your body.

Mrs. Wolfnumba1
I can tell u what will hide it for Ya!!! STAT FLUSH. If u need to hide it for a drug test. My Husband has NEVER failed a drug test and smokes weed like a chimeny. He gets it from the Mrs. Greens store.
However I must add, he's never had a test taken by hair, and this product DOES NOT cover it up if it's by hair, good luck.

Yellow root tea or so I'm told. lol

Weed is for the weak

Cranberry Juice

Lots of it

Pee it out of your system

Whitey McCracker
Go to GNC and ask them what to buy. They sell stuff. Nothing at home will work. The THC is what they test for and it is fat soluable. Drinking lots of water will help, but it isn't anywhere near a sure bet. Got to GNC. Trust me.

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