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Jemma M
What foods cause offensive smelling gas?
anyone know what foods or things cause sulphery smelling flatulence.

Here are the list of gas forming foods, but not all can cause offensive smells:

Legumes: Most beans, especially dried beans and peas, baked beans, Soy beans, lima beans

Milk & milk products: Milk; ice cream; and cheese

Vegetables: Cabbage; radishes; onions; broccoli; Brussels sprouts; cauliflower; cucumbers; sauerkraut; kohlrabi; Asparagus

Root vegetables: Potatoes; rutabaga; turnips

Fruits: Prunes; apricots; apples; raisins; bananas

Cereals, breads: All foods thst contain wheat and wheat products including cereals, breads, and pastries. Check labels.

Fatty foods: Pan-fried or deep-fried foods; fatty meats; rich cream sauces and gravies; pastries. (While fatty foods are not carbohydrates, they too can contribute to intestinal gas.)

Liquids: Carbonated beverages, medications, or powders

Miley C
To many carbs and to much fiber can cause REALLY bad gas.

Crab and horseradish

Est S
baked beans,currys,Cabbage in some,sprouts,and most things that r hot and spicy can, and at times eggs

who's that girl
Onions!. i looked after a person who was wheel chair bound , and the Lady on duty before me really didn't like me . You could always guarantee she fed our client liver and onions Every shift before mine . Come to think of it she def wasn't a lady.

eggs,red meat,brussel sprouts spices,peppers,melted cheese.
but the fastest way 2 get rid of gas is popcorn! i am totally serious!

christina g
OMIGOD... Korean food.... most deffinately... I used to have a Korean boyfriend... ahhhh!!!!


Buff Me
beans, eggs

beans, potatoes, google it.

Eggs are the worst yech

onions and broccoli

Onoins, brocholi, Garlic, and bananas to name a few.

Dairy products such as milk, beef, and eggs are the worst of source of flatulence.

Flatulence is just a normal gas expulsion associated with digestion. You'd be in a world of hurt if you didn't do so. (Literally.)

Jen M
If you are lactose Intolerant...then Milk will cause the worst smelling gas you can imagine.

Deborah D
bell peppers Cabbage cooked in bicarb (meant to keep it green my nan said) beans and anything that is harder for your body to digest good question lol

lucky star
bananas, beans, broccoli and cheese.

Broccoli, collard greens, and eggs will send others flying out the windows!

Hard boiled eggs & beer...it's a killer...lol

Cara A


asparagus will make your pee smell bad. Green and red peppers are gassy, as are most vegetables. A sulfuric smell is more likely an indication of a bacterial problem in your digestive tract.

Our survey says Eggs and Boston Bake Beans.

cats mother
Eggs Cabbage brussel spouts


... what an odd question...
I guess beans and cheese can.. maybe breads too!

beans, oinions, brocoli, califlower


Red Cabbage, onions, beans, curry and eggs.

an entire wicker swing set, wonderful for the digestion though, good fiber

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