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randy l
What does it mean (medically) that my urine is dark yellow in color??

Are you taking vitamins, laxatives, or medicines?

Dark yellow or orange urine can be caused by recent use of laxatives or consumption of b-Complex vitamins or carotene. Orange urine is often caused by Pyridium (used in the treatment of urinary Tract infections), Rifampin, and Warfarin.

Sara B
It could mean one of three things:

1) Your kidneys are not functioning properly. If you are drinking a lot of water and your urine isn't clear, it is a bad sign. Go see your doctor.

2) You are not drinking enough water. Your urine should be clear if you are drinking enough water. If not, it has to flush out the same amount of toxins, but with less water so it becomes more concentrated. What you are seeing are all the impurities and minerals that your body is flushing out.

3) It could also mean you are taking a medication that causes your urine to change color. Some medications will do this no matter how much you drink. Check the labels or check with your doctor.

virgiinia r
This can sometimes occur, if your electorates are out of balance, because of lack of fluids. Try drinking several 8oz. glasses of water a day, and see if this improves it. If you are also having muscle cramps with this, your Potassium level may also be too low. If this is the case, eat things like bananas, drink lemonade, or Gatorade which has Potassium in it.

Urine colour varies

The colour of urine varies enormously. The yellow colour comes from the excretion of breakdown products of bile, which is pigmented. Urine is usually very pale yellow or almost colourless if you're drinking a lot of fluid (because it then contains a large amount of water), and darker yellow if you're drinking less or even dehydrated, because there's much less water and a larger proportion of the pigmented bile products.

If you're jaundiced, with excessive bile pigment in your blood, then the urine will contain more of these pigments and look darker yellow, orange or brown. Blood in the urine can make it red, and rare diseases such as porphyria can also turn the urine red. But other things can colour urine, from beetroot in your diet (red) to Asparagus (green and smelly!). Infection doesn't usually affect colour of urine. More important is whether the urine is cloudy - this may be a sign of infection although can be because of kidney stones too.

Your probably not drinking enough water and your urine is concentrated.

You need to drink more water. Dark urine can mean that your body's waste is too concentrated and it puts stress on your kidneys. However, certain food dies, medications, and dietary supplements could cause this also.

Not enough water.

You aren't drinking anough water and your kidneys cannot filter enough of the toxins out of your system. Not a bad thing but could lead to kidney stones later.

Could be many things, ranging from concentrated urine (meaning it is being retained too long either voluntarily or due to an organic cause like infection, etc.), certain food intake, or medical disorder such as kidney disease, diabetes or dehydration. Best to be checked full Spectrum via a clean catch sample for specific gravity, clarity, pH, ketones, etc. etc. by your doc to be certain of causes and obtain treatments as needed.


it means your drinking to much flavord water or soda drink water and only water for about 2 weeks and it hould go back to its normal color

It just means you're not drinking enough water. You'll know when you're drinking enough water when your urine is lighter-colored and less yellow.

high ketones, lotsa vitamins...... can mean a bunch of different stuff.

normal pigments occur in the urine and are darker in concentrated urine. I assume you do not mean the green-yellow of bile in the urine. That would be a serious liver problem.

Dark yellow or orange urine can be caused by recent use of laxatives or consumption of b-Complex vitamins or carotene. Could be caused by dehydration, try to drink lots of water that should help.

You need to drink more water. You might have a UTI

askme ifi care!
bad kidneys perhaps?drink more water

for one it is a infection, drink alot of water and Cranberry juice it does work and help but if it is percistent go in to the doctor infections of this kind doesnt do good to be left alone there are alot of things that can go bad

uncle billy
drink more water and see if things change, is it dark all the time? are you running a fever?

Below is taken directly from link provided


Urine of an abnormal color appears different from the usual straw-yellow color. Abnormally-colored urine may also be cloudy, dark, or blood-tinged. See also - urine, bloody or dark.


Any changes in urine color, or the presence of an abnormal urine color that cannot be linked to the consumption of a food or drug, should be reported to the doctor. This is particularly important if it happens for longer than a day or two, or if there are repeated episodes.

Some dyes used in candy may be excreted in the urine, and a wide variety of drugs can discolor the urine.

Cloudy, murky, or turbid (muddy) urine is characteristic of a urinary Tract infection, which may also have an offensive smell. Murky urine may also be caused by the presence of bacteria, mucus, white blood cells or red blood cells, epithelial cells, fat, or phosphates.

Dark brown or clear urine is characteristic of a liver disorder such as acute viral hepatitis or cirrhosis.

Pink, red, or smoky brown urine can be a side effect of a medication or may be caused by the recent consumption of beets, blackberries or certain food colorings. It is also characteristic of a urinary Tract disorder in which bleeding occurs such as cystitis, enlarged prostate, kidney cancer, bladder tumor, tuberculosis, bladder stones, kidney infection, Wilms' tumor (in children), or hypernephroma. Hemolytic anemia and porphyria can also cause urine to take on these colors. It may also occur after trauma to the kidneys or urinary Tract.

Dark yellow or orange urine can be caused by recent use of laxatives or consumption of b-Complex vitamins or carotene. Orange urine is often caused by Pyridium (used in the treatment of urinary Tract infections), Rifampin, and Warfarin.

Green or blue urine is due to the effect of artificial color in food or drug. It may also result from medications including Amitriptyline, Indomethacin, and Doxorubicin.

Common Causes

Food (beets, blackberries or other naturally red foods)
Food dyes
Certain drugs
urinary Tract infection
Liver diseases such as acute viral hepatitis or cirrhosis

Call your health care provider if

There is clear, dark-brown urine, particularly if accompanied by pale stools and yellow skin and eyes.
There is pink, red, or smoky-brown urine, and the color change was not expected (due to a medication).
Abnormal urine color is persistent and unexplained or accompanied by other unexplained symptoms.

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