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What can i eat or drink to help clean my liver as i drink alcohol a lot?
i drink a lot of alcohol

Camilla the First
Milk Thistle - cut down or you will scar your poor old liver. Work out EXACTLY why your downing them, and then deal with it one step at a time. Mind you I had a problem with it, so go easy darling will you. Luv and best wishes Camilla x

fresh water .... very good for you ...good for the liver aslo drink plenty.... stay safe

WATER!!!! Its the best thing for your whole body. Make sure you get your 8 glasses/ day ESPECIALLY if you drink. To keep your body hydrated slip a water in before and after drinking and in between drinks if you can. AND CUT BACK ON THE BOOZE!!! I know its hard but drinking frequently is only asking for trouble- especially in a smoke filled bar or restaurant- Are you wanting cancer that bad!?!?! Anyways obviously your lifestyle includes drinknig and you have no desire to change so if you really want something that will help WATER is your best bet!

drink load of water

try taking liverade. it helps a lot in getting rid of harmful toxins from your liver.

water with fresh lemon, Cranberry juice, and Green Tea.

Kitty L

Giggle Sticks
MILK THISTLE. It's been used since roman times as a Liver tonic. Get that down you. Get it in a supplement from holland and barrett or other health stores. Onions and leafy greens are also an excellent cleansing agent. Neck the water as well because alcohol can dry your insides out!

lots of water and foods with water in it like fruit, salads, vegetables.

Try to eat fruit and veg. Try to drink lots of water also. Supplient your diet with vitamin B6 and Thiaimine.
If you check in with your local Drug and Alcohol Abuse Unit or even your G.P. they will be able to help you with this one and hopefully you can get further help if you want it.

pineapple is very good for the digestion.
lots of water and lots of fruit

casino man
plenty of WATER,WATER before you go to bed.it will rehydrate you as well.PS don't drink as much.sclerosis of the liver is becoming a far greater problem in the uk as more and more young people are binge drinking.

I tried Milk Thistle and it made me feel queezi - you could try a general detoxer and lymph mover like Nettle tea or Dandelion tea.. I take this during the week along with Green Tea if I have had too much wine at the weekend. .Plenty of water and take a b-Complex as this helps with cravings for alcohol, you might want to take some vitamin C as alcohol wipes out a lot of vitamin C as well....your liver might be fatty so maybe lenthicin granules will help, I take these from time to time say after Christmas or other times when heavy food is eaten...if you are into juicing fruit and veg I know that beetroot is meant to cleanse the kidneys.....

Stop drinking and go on a de-tox diet!

cut down on the drink and you wont need to worry.

Stop drinking and your liver should feel a lot better.

Remember George Best.

why do you drink so much alcohol? If you are alcoholic then perhaps you need to seek professional help. Alcohol is a poison. Hangovers are merely the effects of alcohol poisoning. The best way to help your liver is to drink in moderation or not drink at all.

Antoine a
One the liver cells have been damaged by alcohol, there is no cleaning way to revive them! But stop drinking to save those liver cells that have not gone down the tube yet!

Reduce the booze and increase the water intake. If you still want flavour, increase your intake of fresh fruit juice.

angel 36
stop drinking alcohol and start drinking water dont think this will help but it might

i take Milk Thistle which is a natural supplement for helping your liver function well.............i drink (what they say is too much) like 3 or 4 beers a night and i just went to the dr. and my liver enzynes are not even elavated!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know this is b/c i take the MT suppl. twice a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can get it about anywhere...like Walmart or GNC or any drugstore.......

Drink a lot of water...and I mean more like 10-15 glasses a day not the mythical 8 glasses a day. 8 glasses is not even enough for me and I rarely drink a beer. Good luck with that!

nothing can help to reduce over dinking effects.

Try Jack Daniel's, on the rocks!! Skip the water.Then have another!!!

stop drinking alcohol in huge quatities and switch to soda or even better water.

H 2 O.
Lots of it, regularly, instead of.

stop drinking loads of alcohol then

water, water, water

drink water, Cranberry juice, lots of fresh fruit and veg basically anything thats not junk food. u need to rehydrate ur body! but id suggest cuttin back on the amount of alcohol u drink! but i no thats boring and u aint gonna do it!

I'm an alcohol counsellor. There is nothing you can eat or drink to protect your liver from the poison you are drinking. A liver function test from your GP will tell you how much damage you have done so far. Although the liver regenerates, it cannot recover from prolonged heavy drinking.

If you really are drinking too much (and if you're worried about it, then you are), take it from me, the state of your liver is the least of your problems. Alcohol will destroy your life in many ways before your liver gives out.

Try to control your drinking. Get out of the mindset that says you have to have a drink to have fun - you don't. If you find that you can't get a grip on your drinking, then see your GP and get put on a waiting list for detox and treatment and be prepared to take several months out of your life to deal with your problem. It will be worth it. In the meantime, go to AA meetings - as many different meetings in as many different areas as you can, ideally daily.

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