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 Am a meths addict of 20 years. Am now clean for 7 months. I stay am from old people ,places , and things.?
Ive fought this baltel for so long. Ive been through rehab twice, but what ive found is to change one thing. That every thing. Where i go. What i do. When i do it and with whom. So know that ive ...

What can cause swelling in your hands (usually at night)?
Lately I've been noticing that my hands (mainly my fingers) have been swelling up at night. They get so swollen that I have to take my wedding ring off and then can barely get it back on in the morning. Usually by mid-morning they are back down to normal size. What could possibly be causing this? My husband says it might be dehydration. Is he right?

Circulatory changes. Generally, everybody's hands are larger in the morning than in the evening. If the degree of change in size changes significantly, it means your circulatory rhythm has also changed. Look at your diet and consult your physician about improving cardiovascular health. Early intervention can slow or even halt the onset of many progressive cardiovascular diseases.

It could be to much salt, or m.s.g. usually found in alot of Chinese food.

Lower your salt intake and ask your dr for a script for somethink like Lasix to get rid of your excess watter.

It's probably related to the level of sodium in you body (too much salt), it could also be due to certain medications you are taking. Do you have high blood pressure or are taking Prednisone? Are both hands swelling equally? Is your head elevated enough? I suggest you speak with your Physician or Pharmacist.

This could be caused by your body retaining water, a simple diarectic will cure this problem in no time. Always see your doctor, for proper diagnosis.

to much salt

Your husband has it backwards. You are retaining fluids. Used to have the same problem plus my ankles would swell. Could be salt like some people say but I believe mine may have been associated with birth control pills. When I got off of them the problem went away.

nope...u have fluid retention....and u need to detox ur body...the detox isn't always the solution but it doesn't do any harm....i wud say u need to look at your diet..and of course your age could be a factor..is it particularly hot where u live??? i would go to the docs and get yourself checked. good luck my dear

start 6-22-06 summer time Mom
depending on your age & if you use your hands alot it could be arthritis , go to the Dr. to find out & I hope it's not .

it might be that ur laying on them i get that sometimes when i lay on them

Granny 1
Do you sleep with your hands hanging off the side of the bed? That will do it.

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