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What can I take to improve my memory?
My memory, for saying I am 26, is shocking. I've heard I should eat more fish? And is there some vitamin or oil or something that is good for improving memory?

Please help - it's getting worse by the day!!

Gingko Biloba but not if you take aspirin

Tank D
do you like music or would like to play any type of instrument? How about try to learn the piano or the guitar. You actually memorize the notes or tabs, and the result is that you can play a song! :). And whether you hate classical music or not, just freakin turn it on before you go to bed and let the music play on until you're fallen asleep.

add more RAM...

I got a book from the library called 'how to improve your memory'......I forgot to take it back on time....it raised a smile from the librarian.

omega 3 fish oils you can get it in easy to swallow capsules or just 2 portions of oily fish a week will do

you might consider making an appointment with a dr hun. There could be an under lying condition causing this.

Omega fish oils x

Hey breathe relax.You dont need to take pills or something like that to improve your memory.You should do menthal exercises , read books , solve some math problem , believe me it really works especially reading books and math .And be careful about what to eat .You should eat enough for your daily calorie output.

what do you want to remember best way is to repeat and repeat and do puzzles eat healthy foods

judith r
You probably just need to adjust your sleep habits, you needbetween 7 and 9 hours of sleep a night. any more or less will do things to your mind.

My doctor reccomended vitaman E, low dosage daily.

Fish has Dha which is supposed to improve memory.

They used to say GINGKO, but now it has been proven to do absolutely nothing.

Your brain needs a few things to function. The brain itself is a very simple organ that needs:

GLUCOSE and O2. First of all, keep in mind that glucose is the same thing as sugar. So although it might not improve your memory, sugar does help in keeping your brain alert. 02 is your basical oxygen. No brainer, we all need that to stay alive.

Some things they say that are good are Multivitamin supplements since many of the vitamins in these pills are necessary for a healthy life and lifestyle. It is highly recommended by doctors, to take Vitamin And Mineral tablets for your health, since many of the vitamins are hard to come by if you eat out a lot.

As to specific vitamins that improve memory, there really isnt one magic pill that does that. Dha supposedly does some kind of something but that's in a controlled environment where rats were fed nothing but Dha. And that kind of situation is unheard of in real life. None the less, I would think it helps to take Dha. Eating blue berry extracts will improve your eyesight which should keep your concentration higher for prolonged periods of time which in turn should keep your brain working and focused,

Sleep used to be an essential part of memory but now scientists have found out that more sleep didnt really equate to a better memory or better test results.

If memory improvement is your sole goal, you should try a course on speed reading. They say speed reading improves memory. Also "speed listening" (this is when they play tapes at higher than normal speed) also improves memory.

Hope that helps.

yeah fish has got that omega3 thingie that's good for the brain....so are blueberries.
another thing....exercise...or take up a hobby...read...
just do something that will help keep your brainmeats all active :)

any ginko biloba vitamin or a vitamin with Ginseng in it....they improve memory....also try taking some 2 to 3 almonds daily for a month or so.

Veston Pants
At your age you will notice changes in your memory. These could well be alarming at first. I forgot spelling and especially phone numbers.

There are loads of "mental exercises" you can do on the net or by for the Nintendo DS etc.

You can try memory mapping as well. These are all techniques anyone can do and it is like exercise. The more you do the better you get.

It's been proven that blueberries and dark green vegetables (spinach, chard, etc.) have a definite link to improving memory. I tried Ginko Biloba, or whatever it's named (I can't remember just now!) for quite a while with no improvement. It isn't proven adequately to improve memory yet. But try doing a search on "memory food enhancers" and check out sites that offer natural foods, rather than the herbal supplemental pills that you have to order from some unknown "Herbaligist."

Honestly nothing improves memory. But impression,repetition and association sharpen u r memory.

You really should go to the doc to have that checked out. Memory loss is not normal. It can be related to several health factors. Especially if you notice it progressively getting worse.

martin m
ginko biloba, you can get the from any health and vitamin shop

I took them for a while and they worked well... Also i find writing a list is very good because if you need to remember something important it's easier to write it down and cross it off as you go along

Mr. C
A recorder.

Omega 3 suppliments are supposed to help. Although i would suggest that you drink plenty of water.

Claire M
Fish liver oil tablets with omega 3 is great, also sources of nuts, green veg and oily fish is said to help! Are you sure your not pregnant, that takes away half of your 'memory'!!

Well vetty believe me the best way to improve ur memory is to practice meditation...well apart frm tat a healthy lifestlye is a contributing factor..so get some good books on yoga, or buddhist mediation....it really works..n focus on the word "practice"...

water to keep you hydrated and lots of sleep and exercise.

try Cod Liver Oil, fish oil is full of omega 3! but i warn you take the capsules, do not eva try and take the medicine........ YUCK!

Take omega 3 fish oils, both uk and usa medical research show this to be very helpfull.
I have been taking it for years and it is also very benificial for a good protien source.

Katie B
Yes, fish oil is one solution. There's one called EyeQ or something like that. Also you should stretch your brain frequently by doing cross words, doing things differently to normal (ie shower with eyes closed, take a different route to work) and learning about new things (for example I am reading an atlas for short periods of time in the evenings to learn about capital cities!


Maid Angela
I did know but I've forgotten

oye !!
okay the first is fish for sure...
the second option is ....soak just 2 almonds at nite b4 sleeping..and in the morning b4 u eat anything...peel the skin of those almonds and eat it...
they say those 2 almonds are equivaltent to 10 almonds....
eat it every nite..it has other benefits too....ur blood becomes cleaner...ur hair becomes more soft...etc.etc

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