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What can I eat to make me regular digestively? I would prefer more than one type of food?
A meal plan would be great, cos I noticed that I am only get bowel movements after I drink grapefruit juice or medicine. I don't think that is healthy. I would like some diet that would enable regular bowel movements. I drink a lot of water so I ease myself a lot sometimes I get gas but that is as far as it goes, I always need something to aid me if I want bowel movements like grapefruit (ther juice) cos I eat grapefruits and its roughages or medicine. I do not feel consipated but I just feel it should be regular since I eat everyday.

Meet and two veg. All vegtables- eat as much as you want. Fruit. After that just experiment a little and see how it makes you feel. Plus get some exercise.

All of the fiber foods (as most have recommended) plus fruits containing pectin.. natures laxative.

I woudl suggest a fiber suppliment, try Psyllium Seed Husk, it is natural and easy on your digestive system (there is a capsule form that seems easier to down than the mix)

Moderate exercise will help, even walking and 5-7 almonds a day can help too. That's what I do and am regular. I don't drink sodas, and very light on juices. Natural food and fruits in season.

Jasmine Lily
Fiber! Fiber! Fiber!!

Use Metamucil-type supplemental powders or foods rich in fiber.

add fiber to your diet and also, regular excercise is very important for bowel movements.

Add some ground flax seed to your cereal or desert. Sometimes if I am feeling like I need a bowel movement I will have a table spoon of ground flax seeds with a glass of water. Does the trick. Of course exercise and a veg diet with lots of water is the best.

fruit and corn anything high in Fiber (even cereals)

Fiber, liquids and essential fatty acids are what makes us "regular". Eat whole grain breads. Sesame seeds and flax seeds will make you regular, as will most nuts. Liquids add bulk to your stools, so make sure you drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water each day. (If you weigh 140, you would drink 70 ounces of water eacy day.) Eat lots of leafy green vegetables and fruit. Beans are good too. Cut back on cheese, which is constipating, and white breads and rice.

Make sure you get enough vitamins as well. The following link has more detailed information.

I think anything with bran in it or oatmeal...any fiber......Graham cracker get me.........and lots of fresh fruits like apples and broccoli is a good fiber.....

Green leafy vegetables...
Drink some Welch's White Grape Juice..it'll run right through you!! hahahaha.
Get a trainer..and a nutritionist..or atleast an online web-based one.
Not everyone has a bowel movement everyday..just so you know.

You need to eat fiber. What works for me are oranges, popcorn (air popped no butter), grape juice or prunes. there are yogurts out there that have Lactobacillus and probiotics which help regulate digestive Enzymes and help you evacuate. good luck!

Fiber!! Eat a bowl of Frosted Shredded Mini Wheats in the mroning for a week and things will start to move :)

there is one thing that would work great. 4 times a day have warm Rooibos tea and in that tea add 1 tbs of psyllium husk {mix well} drink fast and have a full glass of water after. start with 1 tsp for a week then add to it over the next few weeks till you have 1 tbs. You can get the psyllium husk in any health food store. Take it at least 2 hours before or after you take any meds. I also eat a stalk of Celery with the tea. I make up my own tea blends but Rooibos is the main tea of the blends. The psyillium also has a good effect on diabetes and high blood pressure. I also put the psyllium husk into a drink that has taken me 2 year to balance right ingreadients. With the drink i haven't gotten a cold in over 5 years and have been able to get off diabetic meds and high blood pressure meds and also it has lowered my cholesterol and weight.

If you are skinny then its pretty normal. And if you eat pretty healthy well balanced meals then your body is useing most of the nuetrence of the food and it does not have alot of waist to give. your poop is just the excess waist your body does not need or want so a healthy diet and a slim figure can cause that.

But if you really want to poop then just excersize more and eat six small meals a day and you should be regular in no time

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