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 How do i get my girlfriend to give up cigarettes?
she gave up with me last year but shes started again. i want her to stop but i ve smoked myself and dont want to sound like a hypercrit....

 Does sitting before the pc continuously for about 2 hours affect your eyesight?
any food for better eyesight?...

 Anyone sleep with eyes open?
I do and I wake up with such dry eyes. I feel like I didn't sleep at all. Anyone else have this problem? What do you do to help? I've heard of people taping their eyes shut, but dont know ...

 Throat Question....?
For the past couple of months, I have gotten white spots on the back of my throat. I can easily scrape them off. I also recently developed pain in my throat, but its not a sore throat. It's ...

please help...im 13 and i ned to sleep but i cant.....

 Is it normal to get nose bleeds almost everyday during Summer?
I already had my nose cauterized with the small electric shocks but the veins in the nose keep reappearing and I bleed almost everyday during summer, specially when it's hot.

Any ...

 Quickest way to get rid of a cold?

 Why do my cat parts smell like pork rinds and salt and vinegar chips?
Additional Details
salt and vinegar SHIPS are ...

 Do you sleep on your side, back or stomach?

 What is your best recomdation for severe migranes that you get every day the doctorc have no idea what else to

 Is it really bad to refil plastic water bottles, or is it just a myth?
I've heard that water bottles such as those used by evian and vittell should not be re-used as the plastic disintegrates and poisons the water. is this true or are the water companies just ...

 Blood on toilet paper, what does it mean?
This has happened before but I will ask anyway. Sometimes when I go to the bathroom I will notice a little bit of blood on my stools as well as the toilet paper. It's not a lot, but enough to ...

 Do i have a sleeping condistion?
I fell asleep while driving! wasn't very tired, then all of a suden couldn't keep my eyes open! then the guy n the passanger seat yeiled at me, cause i was commng up on a car really fast ...

 How do you survive without health insurence in this country?
I always wonder how do 46 million people leave in this country without health insurence. I know if you go to hospital they will treat you without insurence but don't you have to pay later on? ...

 Has anybody got any serious tips on getting rid of a severe headache, I have essays to complete & i,m behind.?
I've tried, iburofen, resting, drinking water but noting is working. I am starting to get stressed....

 Im 19 years old, and its getting hard for me to sleep at night because my joints are hurting, any advice?
The joint pain is usually in my ankles, and knees, and it is horribly painful, and it seems to be getting worse. I've had to take sleeping pills the last week just to get some sleep. I need ...

 Isn't it a wives tail that cracking your knuckles causes arthritis?
I say cracking the knuckles does not contribute to or cause arthritis, but my boyfriend says it does. Who is right? Does cracking the knuckles do any harm at all?...

 Is it better to get a an hour of sleep or no sleep at all?
some times i just cant fall asleep until around 5ish and i have to get up at 6. Would it just be better to stay up so im not groggy in the morning or just get that one hour of ...

 I get little bubble bumps around the tips of my fingers and they got clear liquid inside them, what are they?

 Very embarrasing question....................
In my left nostril it constantly feels like there is something up there. I have blown my nose constantly and stuck a tissue up there to no avail. I've put my finger up there and can't ...

What are the side effects for the Men who take Oral Contraceptive Pills?
Some gay men use this drug to enhance their physical appearance to be more like feminine. What are the side effects to the body?

lisa r
they become more intelligent

Bill L
Think they limp a bit !

chopps .
you have answered the question then, they make straight men gay thus no more pregnancies

you best bet is to speak to your dr if your thinking about going on this or looking it up on the BNF site

i knew a boy in elementary that ate his moms pills. he got breasts well a little bit

Has a man actually taken the responsibility for this pill yet?

Is a mans responsibility as effective as a ladies when taken the pill?

I have no idea what side effects are to this pill?

No side effects , rather down effects.

Try www.wikipedia.com

I don't know either, I've always wondered what would happen to women if they took Viagra...

I've never heard of it also... hehe... sudden craving for chocolate and a bout of irrationality ?

I have never heard of this. Very odd!

More feminine physical features. Very detrimental to take for a man as men do not usually have Progesterone. Once introduced, it's very difficult to be "all man" again! For women, we have small amounts of Testosterone in our system.

Richard W
Birth control pills are female hormones.
Men who take them will generally have decreased libido, they MAY develop breasts and have body fat redistribution.

Snow surfer
0_o... well I guess since it has the pill contains hormones it would enhance some female characters, but one hormone is useless which is Progesterone which would have no effect because it is for preparation of the uterus, and oestrogene, I don't if it would affect men because we keep producing Testosterone, but if it would affect somehow it would be some physical appearence

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