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kim s
Right every1 im going to quit smoking tomorrow please wish me luck?
im going to make myself a calender in a min and tomorrow buy some gold stars lol for me to stick on everyday ive quit.
I really want to do it ive had pains in my chest today and its gave me a push, im only 20 but dont want be 40 being tols ive got cancer due to smoking.
Please wish me luck and if any1s got any helpful advice please go ahead xxxx
Additional Details
omg thankyou everyone 4 the answers i read every single one and your all so encouraging, thankyou so much guys i wish i could vote all of you 4 best answers xxxxxxx

let me tell you are doing the right thing to stop smoking i use to smoke while i worked at the hospital cause really that was the only way you could get a break how funny...I worked there 10yrs and smoked alot i just quit cold turkey in 2000 and have not smoked ever sense feel better then ever and i smell other people that smoke and say gosh i hope i did not smell like them! So Good Luck!

go u! good job!

Pvt. Parts
GOOD LUCK! keep going and just think about how good you'll feel when you've achieved it. and remember how bad you would feel if you failed, and how disappointed everyone around you would be.
i hope it goes well! im adding you to my contacts so you can tell me if you do it! good luck hun xxx

Sabrina K
Best of luck. You CAN do this and it's worth doing because your worth doing it for.

Good Luck and you can do it if you have truly set your mind to it. I smoked for 30 years and I quit with the patch and prayer. Only wish I had done it before the copd damage was done. Hang in there and you can do it.

Good luck! You have made a great choice to quit!! Just break all of you cigarettes and have things to snack on if you get a craving for a cigarette! It will help some!

Good luck - hang on in there. Nicotine only takes 48 hours to leave body and then its down to a state of mind. Change any habits you associate with smoking, ie having a drink, coffee, after dinner,chatting on the phone.

good luck. Hope you do it.

All the best! Thats a good idea to keep the motivation there. After 3 days your over the worst and from then on it'll be a lot easier. Dont give in to peer pressure if you're out and people offer you ciggies just say no!

You're 20, and I think that its FANTASTIC that you're quitting while you're young. I hope that you have the strength to quit your habit.

I love your star idea =] Like positive reinforcement.

I wish you the best of luck
-hugs from me to you-

10,000 volts‹(•¿•)›©
i started today, am fine had no cravings what so ever
my partner doing it too so its not as hard for me
am on the patches
i say go for it, it be alot better for your health and obviously for mine too

As long as you are completely honest with yourself you will do it. I did. Gave up smoking nearly 6 months ago.
If you want one say so but say no! Throw away or destroy anything to do with smoking...lighters, ashtray, papers, packets etc. Do something to take your mind off the fact that you want one. Go out, eat something (preferably healthy). Read everything you can about what cigarettes do to you, cancer is just the tip of the iceberg. Congratulate yourself for every day that you don't have one. After a week add up what you have saved and spend it on a treat for yourself.
Well done for getting this far. Good luck for tomorrow :)

go you, go you, i wish you all the luck in the world

Good luck

Keep Your Eyes To The Rightâ„¢
Start today. Why wait until tomorrow?

Give yourself a gold star for the rest of the day without a cig.

Other than that just constantly remind yourself of the dangers of smoking.


check out the above link and hopefully you will never be tempted again.

David P
good luck, better to quit before it's too late =D

hagaren otaku
good luck! you can do it, i'm sure you've got plenty of family and friends rooting for you!!

Best of luck to you i know what it takes, i gave them up 15 months ago, best move i made:-))

stay healthy.go ahead !good luck

From a reformed smoker - I wish you the very best of luck.

I started coughing, panicked and stopped smoking. Like you I did not want to end up dead before my time.

Take a look at the site pages below - one even has a free book on quitting smoking.

Stick with it! Don't let your 'friends' lead you astray. They will be so envious and jealous when you succeed and you will feel so proud and healthy.

it's nothing to do with luck, you either want to stop or you don't.

I hope you do manage to stop. I think you will!!!

i quit smoking on saturday and found the Nicorette chewing gum the best and haven't really craved but it is hard! good luck

Chew lots and lots of gum and good luck I expect to hear that you are no longer smoking real soon. just remember, it's ok to fall off the band wagon at first, but get back on and fight back. You are bigger than those sticks.

Good luck,,,,,i am on my 12 months non smoking,,,,,you can do it,,,,,

I've been smoking since my teens...46 now and
no intention of giving it up...it's one of my few remaining pleasures :)
But wish you all the best , my advice is if you do fancy a smoke put the money it would cost in a jar and count it after a couple of weeks.
I know people who have given up and managed to afford a holiday abroad doing this.

ewe.... I smoke 20 - 40 a day just figured out I could have been round the world several times !

I gave up 16 years ago. after smoking, 40 a day for 47 years.Started at 14 stop 58 now 75.Don,t wait till it stops you. and it will. I just gave up when head was getting fuzzy, have will power, Prove to your self, you have will power

good luck. im shrue you can do it. i quit a year ago. one of the best descisions of my life :]

♥ Embracing Optical Freedom ♥
Good luck, I need to quit too, I'm taking a pregnancy test tonight and if I see two lines no more cigs for me!

Right now is a great time to quit, I waited till I was 47
now I had Lung Cancer that now has moved to the
Brain. Trust in God is what has got me through
it all God Bless Jerry

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