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bom diggity
Painful bump on the bottom of my foot?
on the bottom of my heel it hurts to put pressure on it when i walk, when i feel it i can feel a bump under my skin but i cant see anything. what can it be? im scared :/

could be a planters wart

David C
It is probably a plantar's wart. This can be removed very easily by a podiatrist.

it could be some sort of parasite, broken glass that got under the skin, or a wart.

Lucky 7
It's most likely a blister or corn.

it might be a plantar wart. Your doctor should be able to remove it real quickly with a scalpel. They don't hurt to remove.

It might also be a bone spur. If it is, I'm sorry.

Either way, see a doctor!

Almo Todd
Go to the doctor

It's probably just a little wart...if it's very painful i would see a doctor just to check your options.

If it is under your heel it could be plantar fasciitis (sp?) which is also called bone spurs. When you stand up it feels like someone has stuck a knife up your foot.

Doctor can tell you for sure. Wear comfortable shoes and take Ibuprofen or something for the inflammation. It is a form of arthritis. They do get better.

you may have planter fasciitis. My mom has it, and it's something that you can never get rid of, it's just kind of always there.

Nothing to be scared of. It is probably just a bunion or wart. Which you can get rid of.

However, it could also be a piece of glass or a sliver of metal you accidentally stepped on and didn't notice. Now it hurts because the body is trying to push it out. Now this... This could be a problem. It most likely means you'll need amputation of your foot.

No no, I'm joking, You'll be fine, just give it time. If all else fails, just stick a pin in there and see what you can dig out :P

Twilight and edward fan!
my only thought is wart. im no expert though.

kaley R
maybe a bunion lol idk if it's like a big ball thingy then it could be a bunion which is normal even oprah has one lol!!

It's probably a wart starting. Take it to the doctor, he'll be able to freeze it off for you. Or you could buy Dr. Sholtz Freeze away... works great!

It's probably a blister or a wart, it'll go away dont worry!

possibly just bruising..if still persists after a week go see the doc

maybe you should go to the doc.
he'll see what's up, since we on yahoo! answers can't see, or do anything to help, really.

i really hope the doctor can see what's wrong.

X Man
Might be a planter's wart. They grow towards the top of the skin from the inside. Nothing major, but you will want to get it burnt off.

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