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My temp is 97.4 ..why so low?
when my temp gets to 98.6 I feel ill.

Get a new battery for your thermometer. If that's not the problem, then can I suggest turning the heat up and/or quit sleeping in a freezer?


rich p
It might be that you have a virus. But it can also be a sign of hypothyroidism or sluggish adrenal glands. If your temp doesn't rise back closer to the normal range, have your TSH levels checked, and ask your Dr. if he/she could check your adrenal gland functioning. This is usually done through a saliva test or urine drop early in the morning. A lot of people don't know when their Thyroid/adrenal glands aren't functioning properly and can lead to more serious problems if untreated.

pain in the back
If that is what your temperature normally is then of course it is normal.

Michelle :
some people's "normal" temperatures are lower than others. Obviously, you are one of those people. And, you have a fever at 98.6 which is considered normal for others. My "normal" temperature is 96.4

That's actually normal. Values like temps, blood sugar readings, cholesterol levels are always being updated as more research is done.

mine is usually 97.1 and my blood pressure is usually lower than what they concider normal...like 90 over 60. I always assumed this had some connection...I do know that some people just have a lower body tempurature all the time. Generally, you aren't really sick unless you hit like 101 or something...you will be okay.

Its just the way your body works. The 98.6 is just an average, some people run higher and some lower. My normal temp is somewhere around 97.0

Nothing to worry about.

You run at a lower temperature.

My wife's "normal" is an even 98.0

If you have been dieting or have lost a lot a weight, that could be a reason for a low body tempertature. I lost 70 pounds and my body temp was 95.5 for two years. I was low in iron too. I ate better and it came up to 97. It never gets any higher if when I feel hot and fluish. My temp has never reached 98.6 in 5 years.

kelli s
it's probably just normal for you. what time of the day are you checking your temp and why are you checking it. there are certain Thyroid conditions that cause low body temp. look up "wilson's syndrome" online.

Strawberry Pony
Be glad, the universal norm for temperature states 98.6 as normal. However studies reveal people who run a lower than norm body temperature, and are not ill. But healthy individuals, usually live a longer life.

Nancy D
If you're ovulating, your temperature will drop that low and then increase after ovulation. I know, because that's how I had my 2 last children.

do you feel sick? a lot of times a virus (like the flu or a cold) will make you have a low body temp.

Some people naturally run lower. Nothing to worry about.

the temperature is independent in everyone...what is normal for you, may not be normal for everyone....the average is 98.6F or 37C. Your normal temp may be 97.4 and when you get to 98.6 you have a fever....

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