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My jaw gets extremly sore when i wake up. what is it?
for the past week, everytime i wake up my jaw is sooo sore, feel like i clich my teeth tight, all night or somthing. then during the day my teeth hurt maybe from the clinching all night. im able to open my mouth and everything when this happens in the mornings, but i dont no the problem does anybody no whats going on. ive been real stressed lately, exremely and havnt been getting alot of sleep not because of the jaw but because of work. ANy help i dont wanna have to go to the doctors and give him my money for a simple sloution.

You're secretly blowing someone in your sleep!

Rex B
Probably stress as you noted. Can you reduce the stress in your life? Chill out, take a long week end and see if it improves. If not, see a Doc or Dentist.

very possible you could be getting TMJ which is also the name of the joint as well..and like you mentioned you feel like you clench your teeth at night when you sleep, that will indeed make your mouth feel sore throughout the days or weeks depending on how long you been nashing your teeth everynight.

see a dentist ask him about TMJ, go buy this lil thing called "bites" to help keep your teeth from clenching on each other when you sleep, even see a massage therapist, they can do some help with the TMJ joint.

It's probably jaw clinching. They have mouth inserts you can use at night so help your teeth so you don't grind them or hurt them. Don't know if it'll help your jaw pain though. Muscle relaxants might help too but you'd have to go to a doc for that.

My Mom had something similar problems a while back, for her she was grinding her teeth. She had to go and get a special mouth piece that would stand up to her teeth grinding for a long time. I t sounds like it would have to do a lot with your stress, so if you wanted to just wait it out and wait for the things in your life to work them selves out then all you could really do it try to put heat on your jaw in the evening before you go to bed to relax the jaw muscles and the put cold on them in the morning. If it continues then you should go see a dentist because that can slowly wear your teeth down to nothing.

Grinding you teeth at night can be a sign of too much stress in your life. Find ways to calm down before bedtime. Goodnight! ;-)=

Its probably the TM joint syndrome......or the Tempero Mandibular joint syndrome.......[he he...I'm no doctor..I'm just an 18 year old college kid from Bangalore]
I had this problem a few months ago....and when I looked it up on the net, it gave me all sort of crappy results....which involved Chiropractors and stuff........
It gradually reduced on its own,though I suggest chewing gum.....

TMJ - Temporo-Mandibular Joint

Not a lot they will do for you - just give you some muscle relaxers and a mouth guard. But they do help some, and you need to go to a MD to get them.

I am no doctor and suggest that you go to one before you take mine or any other yahoo's advise.

did you use to have braces? i got my braces off about 2 years ago and my teeth hurt every once in awhile. Doctors said it was normal though.

You are probably clenching your teeth in your sleep. I know it seems like too simple of an answer, but did you know that when you clench your teeth while sleeping, it's equal to 200 lbs of pressure? Maybe you should see if you can find some sort of mouth guard for your lower or upper teeth to wear while you sleep - grinding your teeth that way can cause serious problems, and if it goes on too long, you may actually lose some.

It sounds like you are clinching or grinding your teeth. They make mouth-gaurds that are suppose to help. Also, if you sleep on your belly, the pressure of your mattress on the side of your face all night could make your jaw misaligned, causing pain in the morning.

Robin P
Sounds like the start of TMJ syndrome. There isn't a simple solution, but there is a solution. I have found a more relaxed, functional jaw through the Feldenkrais Method. You can order movement CD's that, if you actually do them, begin to lessen the tension in and around the jaw from www.feldenkrais.com.

Good luck!

Nurse Lola
TMJ, see a dentist.

You could be grinding your teeth in your sleep. From what I understand, the best way to fix that is wearing some kind of retainer. It's very likely that it's just stress. Try drinking some herbal tea and really take some time to wind down before you go to bed.

You have been under alot of stress so what you are doing at night is grinding your teeth and you don't even realize it. It happened to me several years ago when I was under alot of stress at work. I stopped when I changed jobs. You could buy a mouth protector to wear at night, if changing jobs is not in the future

sebastian s
just go see a dentist they should be able to tell you a simple solution. and if you are grinding your teeth when you sleep then look for some thing that will keep the teeth seperated while you sleep. like something to cover them.

I agree with the TMJ. My TMJ is out of line, and everytime I get stressed out, my jaw just locks up, but I can make mine go away by popping/cracking it, like you would your fingers. Just open your mouth all the way, and try moving it left or right. You might have to give it a few trys but eventually it'll get there. If you cant pop it, and it still bothers you, I'm sure you have insurance, so use it, and go to the doctor. If you don't have health insurance, I'm sure theres a health department somewhere.

You are possibly grinding your teeth when you sleep. Some people can do this and it does hurt a lot because you can bear down so hard, but not even know it. Go to the store and buy a mouthguard, it helps you stop grinding your teeth at night.

you may be grinding your teeth in your sleep try wearing a mouth peace at bed.

simple solution, relieve the stress. I've actually had the same thing for a couple nights now and I'm sure it's stress related. if you're not getting enough sleep your body isn't fully relaxing and your stress is causing you to clench your jaw.

You will need to go to a doctor and spend your hard earned money. Seriously what is more important for you to spend your money on???
You most likely are grinding your teeth and they will need to make you a mouth piece that you wear when you sleep.

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