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My hand turned blue, my veins I could see and they were very visible, my arm was purple, what happend?
My hand turned blue, my veins I could see and they were very visible, my arm was purple, what happend?

I just had a pony tail around my wrist and when I felt the vein on my hand it was like round and it really stuck out.

Could I die if I kept it on too long?????????????

princess e
its called ... uh i forget but it could make blood clots in your veins ... dont wear them so tight around ur wrists

you cut off circulation no big deal.

Just quit smoking reefer dude! your being too paranoid

Daddy's Gurl
good question i dont have an answer

Matthew W
you are stopping the blood from leaving your arm not entering, it enters deeper it the arm in arteries and leaves via the surface veins hence they stick out when constricted, you wouldnt die unless unlucky i suspect at worst you could loose your arm through tissue damage but if you are daft enough to do it you prove me wrong Dont keep doing it M8

Corina S
You cut of circulation to your hand. While you can not die from it, unless it was done for a very long time, and even then it would only cause minimal tissue damage, it is never a good idea to do something like this.

It can cause small blood vessels to break causing more trouble than it is worth.

You cut of the blood supply to your hand and it started to back up into your arm. You might not die, but you can lose a hand and arm from doing that too much or for very long. Don't do it anymore!

No but the cut off of your blood circulation can make your hand fall off

Sounds like a problem with your blood flow.
I'm sure you wouldn't die but you might lose that arm or hand if kept on there way long, like a looooong time.

you cut off your blood going through your arm

you couldnt have died;; but you could have lost your arm.

u kut ur circulation dip shyt and ye if u pop a vein lik dat u mite die

border than cardboard
well ya u could. u cut off ur blood circulation. no blood was comin in ur arm or goin out. blood needs 2 come in 2 make ur hands work and it needs 2 go out 2 de heart.

Yorkie L
yeach youcut off your circulation

i'm guessing your pony tail was extremley tight
to make that happenn?
i'm guessing your circulation just got cut off.
but im not exactly sure if u could die
but its defentilly NOT good for you

Yes you kept it on too long. Your hand will turn blue and the veins will become raised. the arm turning purple is unusual, if it happens again I would go to the Dr.

Cuban Pete SAY GO #88 DALE JR
I'm not sure what you where trying to do but if you block the blood flow to certain parts of your body you seriously hurt your self or maybe even kill your self ask a doctor or sum one on here who knows more then i do

die... I don't think so but you can loose feeling to your hand and maybe loose it...

it sounds like that hair tye was too tight for your wrist.

Um I might be going way out on this one but maybe your circulation was cut off XP

sounds to me u were stopping the flow of blood to your arm,

if u've ever tried tying a string or floss like string around ur finger, and leave it on tight for a while, u'll notice it changing colors. do not DO THAT!!

ewwwwwwwwwwwwww....and no u can't die, but u r torturing ur self

Kaelyn W
you wre cutting off blood circulation because the pony tail was too tight the reason your vein was big is because the the blood couldnt get to your hand bo you wouldnt die but u might have to get your hand cut off if u keep it there

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