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My blood pressure is 111\60....?
I just lost a ton of weight (over 100 lbs) got in shape, I am not a total athlete but I can walk a loooong damn way without feeling it. I am in my early 30's and female. No history of heart disease, people in my family live a looong time...Think I am ok? I know pressure varies with each person but for a healthier, non fat person, isnt that a TAD low?
Additional Details
In answer, I do eat VERY healthy!!
I take REALLy good care of myself.. my only vice is a red bull a day... on a full stomach. :)

Landau C
sorry, youre going to die

thats not healthy dear

do something about it.

eat right

That is a good blood pressure

john b
Your diastolic needs to come up a bit, but you are just fine......Congradulations on your loss!!!!!

I would say you are right on. IT just shows that you are very fit and you are not causing your heart extra stress.
Way to go!

no, not really. it will fluctuate sometimes. "normal" is 115/75. mine is sometimes a lot lower. but, like you, I have recently lost a lot of weight. my bp and cholesterol were on the high side, and my family does have history of hypertension and heart problems. just keep your weight off, eat right and excercise. you've done a great job getting your weight off at a young age before you did develop more serious problems.

sounds like your in real great shape.

120/80 is considered normal. and yes blood pressure varies among people and even in one person it varies over the course of the day. As long as you aren't having fainting and dizziness problems i wouldn't worry about it. low blood pressure like that means your body is in good shape.

ur blood pressure is between the optimal and normal for under 18's and athletes....so it might be somewat low but still within normal

It is only in a tiny minority of people with low blood pressure, ie, readings below
90/60 mmHg....this is another site

so i guess u can say ur on the edge of normal ;)

You're good.

It's not too bad, if you have been told that it's low, it's not too low, my blood pressure usually runs a little low,I'm not active. I think it usually runs something like 130/80. I check it now & then because high b.p. runs on my mother's side of the family. The meds. I have to take for my seziure disorder may help keep it down too.
Don't worry abt your b.p. unless it gets too low, which you may not have trouble there.

that is a little low for anyone. if you are really concerned with it, i would get it checked out more in depth.


Your blood pressure is fine. If it were to drop BELOW 90/60, and you were having dizziness/fainting spells - then it would be a definite concern.

Congratulations on the weight loss! You go girl!

parental unit
thats just fine.

You are fine that is perfect

But Inside I'm Screaming
Definitely not too low......hypertension guidelines have been reconfigured, so they've actually dropped. Your blood pressure is just fine.

Your blood pressure is fine.

big bad momma
loOKs ok to me if it was above 1oo on the 60 then i would be concern

You blood pressue is great!! Congrats on losing the weight!!

Mon Cherri
Well, my sister is the epidemy of health, 36 years old, 4' 11" eats only nature foods, no junk, etc, probably weighs less the 100 pounds and her blood pressure is about 90/60. Her doctor doesn't see anything wrong with it. Mine is 120/70 and I'm what my husband considers overweight. So... who knows. Bring it to your doctors attention and see what he/she thinks. :)

PS: Congrats on the weight loss!

uncle billy
that's not an uncommon pressure for a younger woman, my 25 year old daughter has about the same readings.

nope, its fine.....UNLESS you are feeling light headed and dizzy...in that case I recommend seeing a doctor.

No that is absolutely perfect. BP is only low when you have problems staying conscious. Mine was 90/50 at that age, although it has crept up some, last time I took it was something like 118/64.

How divine for you, congrats on the getting in shape. Just keep up the good work, don't backslide.

No that's fine, It's well within the average range..

Congratulations on the weight loss!!

Congrats on your weight loss!!! Unless you are dizzy or lightheaded than your blood pressure is probably your new "normal". I'm 5'4" and 130 lbs. My pressure is usually around 90 / 60. As long as you are healthy, I wouldn't worry about it. Ask your doc if it fluctuates. Let him know your concern.

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