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Additional Details
I got about 5 need to go back under the ...

 How can I boost my immune system?
I eat plenty of fruit & veg, drink lots of water, get loads of sleep and exercise regularly, but I still seem to catch colds all the time.

How can I boost my immune system?...

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 How can I stop making excuses to stop smoking?
My new one is that when the smoking ban comes into place in July (UK), that standing outside to smoke will mean I meet loads of interesting people (as I did in Scotland where they have a smoking ban)....

 I get severe leg cramps at night, not in my calf muscle, but on the outside of my lower legs, any suggestions?
The cramps I get are nothing like a typical muscle cramp in the leg, which I have had many times. These cramps don't feel like they are in the muscle at all. The pain is much worse and they ...

 Is it possible to sleep and have your eyes open?

 Does smoking crack really make you look old?
Seriously - I was having this discussion with a "crack-head" and he told me crack doesn't make you look old - that's meth. I told him crack or meth, same difference, they make you ...

 The best way to give up smoking?
I would like to hear of different ways/tips people have had to give up smoking. Anything from patches to hypnotherapy is good.
Also tell me things that didnt work please....

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 I need to quit smoking..any advice ex-smokers?HELP!!!!!!!!!?
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I've tried the cold turkey way..I don't last 5 mins. I've ...

 Help! Has anyone actually conquered the snooze button?
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 Is this bad?
My right and sometimes my left hip clicks when i walk. not all the time but most of it. It started after it was randomly hurting really bad. the clicking doesnt hurt and it never hurts anymore, but ...

 How many hours of sleep do you get?
**i know this has been asked before, but i'll ask again to get different answers...

on average, not necessarily last night...

...it is for a school project, so you answers ...

 Is drinking alcahol more harmful than taking ecstasy?
i have seen an artile on the bbc website that classifies heroin and cocaine as the most harmful drugs, Alcahol comes 4th with ecstasy 8th. I am just curious, what is other peoples opinions is more ...

 Besides sleeping pills and tea, what do you do when you can't fall asleep?

 I can not stop cracking my FINGERS! what is happening when you are cracking your fingers?Is it bad?
I started cracking my fingers like 10 days ago, and i do it all the time! my fingers feel stiff so i feel like i half to do it, but only some times it makes them not stiff. started only cracking my ...

Is there a medicine that makes you vomit?
I know you can get laxatives to make you poop, but can you take something to force vomiting? Sometimes when i feel really sick & need to vomit, I try to make myself throw up & it just doesn't happen.
Additional Details
No, I'm not bullimic

Well just make sure your not always doing it my aunt would do the same and her teeth are a disaster but as long as you don't care about your teeth or anything else than its ok but the acid can really eat away at you so just be careful

Epicac will make you vomit.....that is what it's used for.

Just a warning here....you have been given information about medicine to induce vomiting. It is only to be used if someone has taken a poison or similar and when instructed to do so by a doctor or emergency personal. It is not to be used to simply induce vomiting because you want to vomit. I think you know what I am talking about. Please seek some help because forced vomiting is not a healthy way to lose weight and can cause a whole lot more health problems that you can imagine.

ipecac syrup... it used to be advised to keep it in the house incase of ingestion of toxic substances and vomiting needed to be induced. It is no longer advised but I'm not for sure if they stopped selling it over the counter- check with your pharmacist. And if you do use it - be careful- only use a small amount. I probably will not induce vomiting immediately- wait for it to go into effect.

Jason S
its called yipicak i dont know if thats spelled right??? but its in american pie band camp... lol... and ive heard of it before.... it induces vomitting within seconds

Syrup of Ipecac. Ask at your pharmacist.

Yeah, unfortunately hyrdogen peroxide will make you puke anything up. It'll strip the dye out of anything it touchs though, so I'd recommend being directly over the toilet if you try it. My little sister swallowed fertilizer pellets when she was a kid and this is what poison control recommended to my mother.

Baby Girl
# 1 substance Activated Charcoal... or ipicac syrup found in the baby isle or in the pharmacy

Not sure about the spelling... Syrup of ipicac...

Ipecac syrup causing vomiting but it works too well. Use your good judgment.

epicac and I am not sure of the spelling, it tastes yukky but parents have it on hand in case the kids swallow some poison.

la jirafa
ipepac. why do you want to know? are you bulimic?

There are some medicines that if you take on an empty stomach will make you sick, but I don't believe there are any intended to do that. Forcing vomiting is really an unhealthy thing to do because of eating disorders like bulemia. Try walking and pushing your belling out that works for me sometimes when I feel sick and cannot vomit.

Sounds to me like maybe you should try not throwing up. Bulimia is a serious eating disorder and if you're trying to purge food your eating you could have a big problem.

yes, but it is generally used if you swallow a poison, not for purging.

Castor oil I think.

Epicac will make you throw up. At hospitals they also use a liquid with charcoal when people overdose.


syrup of Ipecac. Seriously, that's the name/ Ask a pharmacist.

Supreme lord potentate nObama
Ipecac syrup

Yes, it's called Ipecac-Oral Solution. Don't fart arouind just drink the whole thing.

Try this: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Yourself-Throw-up

Epicac... also baking soda and water works like a charm.

Actually, syrup of Ipecac is no longer given to parents or available at drug stores. It isn't safe.

You may feel sick, but you will only throw up if your stomach actually needs to get rid of something. Don't EVER try to make yourself throw up. It is unhealthy and can be dangerous. Your body is remarkably able to do what it needs to -- don't try and help it along.

I can't do it either and sometimes you know it will make you feel better. A teaspoon of salt in a glass of water works quickly for me.

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