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Is it wierd getting a shot in the butt? Is it common?
I'm going to my friends doctor to get a tetanus shot and hepititas shot for sports tomorrow and she said that her doctor gives all shots in the butt. I'm really scared cuz this seems a little strange, ive never gotten a shot in the butt before. Do they give you a gown to change into ahead of time? I HATE shots and im really sccarreed. Is it embarrasing getting them?

Chris L
my sister got shot in the butt with a 12 gauge shot gun. quit bein a baby.

yes many people have shots in the butt, one of the contraceptive shots gets put in the butt.

they put the shot right below the belt line on the rear side.Both shot really hurt because you are walking and use you butt/hip muscles.

Its normanl I think that is the quickest way th medicine gets into your blood stream. It will hurt but like some one on here said iys teh bigest muscle.

Vince M
1. It is not uncommon. Some types of injections must be inserted deep into muscle or fatty tissue, and the buttocks is the best place for it. You talk about getting scared of shots. You would not want a needle into your arm bone. Many shots in the buttocks will not hurt, even a little bit.

2. You don't want a gown to change into believe me. Not only is that more work than it is worth, the gown is more embarrasing than what you really have to do, which is to drop your pants, just a few inches. You won't have to be in that position more than a few seconds.

3. The sequence. Drop your drawers, lean against a table, you get an alcohol wipe (coooold!), a quick jab which you may not even feel, another wipe, and you hitch your pants back up.

The only thing different about this shot from a shot in the arm is the location. Dont be embarressed. If you intend to play basketball in high school and beyond, doctors will do a couple of things to you much, MUCH more embarrasing.

what's weird in that if u feel u are physically fit u can take shot on ur arm,they don't give you a gown to give shot on ur butt u just have to pull down ur pant,make sure u wear pant otherwise in case of skirt u have to pull it up that might be quite embarrassing

It may be a little embarrassing, but everyone else on the team will have to do it too, right? They can give both tetanus and Hepatitis B shots in the arm though. Maybe your friend is just kidding around with you.

princess a
people do give shots in the butt which is normal most people get them in the arm just waite to till u get to the office it will be easy

I'm a Medical Assistant. Actually, nowadays, both Tetanus and Hepatitis shots are STRONGLY URGED to go in your deltoid.. your arm. It would be insane for a doctor to put it in your rear just for the heck of it.

But, to answer your question.... glute shots aren't that bad... doctors just have you show a little hip/cheek.. not your whole butt.

New Dad
There are two ways to recieve a vaccination, IV and IM.
Introvenously= IV
Intromuscularly = IM

Some meds take better IM. This is when you get it in the rear since there is a large muscle...but I always recommend to the doctor to IM in my brothers head...where there is nothing but muscle! :-D

It's fine. Don't worry about it. It'll be over before you know it. You don't need to change into a gown. I believe those shots are given in the arm.

Sassy OLD Broad
Those two injections are usually given in the arm not the "butt". When you're given a shot in the "butt", it is actually in the hip. Put your thumb on your hip joint, spread out your fingers to your back and that is where the shot is given. You don't have to get naked or anything. It's a great place to give shots because the muscle is so big. So stop whining....it will only take a few minutes. Take a couple of Tylenol before hand to minimize the swelling and pain afterward.

thats old that doctor just wants to see you butt everything now is done thru your arm

that sounds weird!

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