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Is it true that bleach on fingers then put into pee stream will let you pass a drug test?

if you need to pass a drug test, try tons and tons of water, and you can use golden seal to. buy an at home test and see if it worked. Or, hey stop taking drugs!!!

Alot of drug test they do now are blood work or they take a strand of your hair and test it no way to cover it up.

Afraid not. My friend tried that, the clorine was detected in his urine, and he failed the test anyway (heroine). He is now 6 months drug free after 4 months of rehab (resulting from that failed test). Even if it did work, they would detect the clorine level and know something was suspicious and make you take the test again.

Stop letting people violate your rights!

Say NO to drug testing!

If you have a drug problem, please seek help.

If you don't have a drug problem, It's none of their business what you do when you are not on the clock.

If you use drugs, you use drugs. It is your body, and your life.

When you need to be clear, be clear. But don't lie.

They sell these drinks (they look kinda like PowerAde) and you have to drink a gallon of water before you drink it and a gallon after and it supposed to keep your urine clear for a few hours. Worth a try!

I am subject to DOT guidlines when drug testing. A gas chromatagraph will detect ANY adulteration and it then becomes an automatic fail

No, sorry, dont do drugs, that is the only way to pass a drug test

Sorry but that is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. You could pass a drug test by NOT doing drugs.

OK try not doing drugs instead of peeing on your fingers if u accidently get bleach on your a** your in big trouble..........

NO. There is no sure remedy for passing a drug test. There are too many variables between your system, the drugs taken, the amount of time involved, and the test itself. You can even end up at the other end of the Spectrum with a test that is "too clean" .

Seriously now...that's stupid. But give it a try and let us know how it went, k?

well you cant pass if it is in your system.... no matter how much you pee on your hands.... ewwww

good luck

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