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Is it possible to sleep for only 3-4 hours per night?

It is. Elvis Presley had never slept more than 4 hours a day. O.K., he wasn't really healthy... :) But, I know a college professor who also sleeps only 4 hours a day. (by day, I mean 24 hours cycle) He's 60, and he's as healthy as an oak tree! I was also interested in this issue, 'cause I think that sleeping is a great waste of time, no matter how good it feels. If you're born in 1989., then you're, what...18? You should probably wait couple of years until you decide that sleeping 4 hours a day is the best thing 4 U to do. Don't force yourself until you're ready! Good luck

Nothin' Special
Yes, but not healthy.
I have problems with insomnia, and it's NOT fun.

julie w
yes but is dose affect ur health

for the past 6 years the most sleep per night i have had is three hours full sleep it is because the mind is still very active and we are supposed to relax to have a proper sleep easier said than done isant it

yes it it, but you might be more irritable, susceptible to flu and colds and have bags and under eye circles on your eyes

Mihir Upendra Modi
First of all lets make it clear why do we need sleep:-
Everyone needs sleep. Without sleep, people are less efficient and more irritable. All adults require from seven to nine hours of sleep to function at optimum level. Sleep gives your body a chance to rest and make any necessary repairs, not just from illness and injury, but from the stress and strain of everyday life.
Sleeping for only 3-4 hrs is not good for health but if this is your natural cycle then you take the following precautions:
Cut down on coffee, alcohol and other stimulants.
Keep a regular schedule.
Try some light exercise earlier in the day.
Spend some quiet time before you go to bed.
Decrease stress at bedtime.

If you are willingly sleeping for just 3-4 hrs then i think this is something which is gona toll ur body... Everthing is possible in world but you have to be ready to face the side effects which will be anything from getting insomnia to insulin resistance...

Hope now you will be able to decide whats good for you. If u not getting enough sleep for 6-7 hrs naturally then try meditation and yoga or go for a medical check-up.

yes i frequently do it as my mind races , i have depression which seems to be causing it .

Its possible, thats about what I was surviving on after my son was born (2 hourly feeds)!

But I wouldn't recommend it. Especially not after having a baby. Took me months to recover.


Miss Alexis
My husband does about 4 - 5 hours every weeknight, and then sleeps a lot over the weekends. He is in great shape, and extremely healthy.

i do

yes I only get 4 hours a night feel fine most of the time but every so often it really catches up on me and feel like I cannot keep my eyes open

Certainly, but your body will become run down and you will be a bit like a zombie in time.
after a while you will simply not be able to function properly.

Possible yes, but not good for you. It is recommended we have 8 hours of sleep a night to fully recharge our body.

william a
Of course it is possible, for a short while at least; but it is not desirable. Some people do it naturally but most people need 7-8 hours of sleep to function properly. I wouldn't want to be on the same road as a driver who only had 4 hours of sleep.

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