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Is it okay to take outdated antibiotics?

When you say "outdated" do you mean, past their expiration date?

If so, generally they just will not be as potent.

I would recommend calling a local pharmacist and asking.


Ms. H
Outdated antibiotics are not as effective as current ones so you should probably throw them out because they won't help you much.


no. some antbiotics (mainly the Tetracycline family) are actually poisionous if you take them a couple years after they expire

No no no no no!!!! Throw them away!!!!


how old are they.go on line and look it up ask the company,is it because of money,,Catholic charities will help pay for antibiotics ,if it is because you have a problem that came back that's why you finish the bottle.if its because of another problem you might need a different type of antibiotics.,

NEVER ! never take outdated medicines ever as it may even cause a fatal allergic reaction .

No. They won't kill you but the effect they initially had would be reduced drastically. Differrent antibiotics are prescribed for different diagnoses and it's likely the outdated one isn't the correct remedy for what you need to take it for now.

No, no, ABSOLUTELY NO. Outdated medications either increases or decreases the potency of the medication. The problem is, generally, you don't know which your particular medication will do. Both, I believe can make you ill.

good advice
They won't hurt you but they might not work because the anitbacterial component dies after awhile

NO!! throw them out and go to the doctor...if you think (or know) that you have an infection then you need the medication that will work best on that infection....and YOU don't know which medication that is....not all antibiotics work on the same infections...some infections are resistant to certain antibiotics and some are susceptible but only your doctor knows...AND the medications you are thinking about taking are outdated, which means either they can be more potent, less potent, or may have changed chemically and could possibly be toxic, depending on how outdated.....PLEASE just go to the doctor and get a new prescription for what you need...

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