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Is it normal to black out a lot?
It seems that If I am sitting down for a while, or laying, and then I get up quickly and begin to move around, I just black out. Is this normal.

It happens a lot, kind of a nice break in the day, don't you think?

no, of course not

You probably need to get to the E.R.

big al
that happens to alot of people, me included. i asked my doctor about it and he said it wasnt anything to worry about

if you fell out of a treehouse when you were 4 then yes

♫♪ ki+k@+ b@r ♪♫
That actually happens to me too. I black out and feel really dizzy for a moment, then it goes away. I don't think it harms you, but try getting up slower to prevent it.

Ashleigh M
is it normal to have 12 fingers?
u need to c a doctor

Google Rules!
No, not at all. See your doctor right away.

Bobby B
not at all u should see a doctor

Jerry S
no, see a doctor at once.

Mary S
No. Go to your doctor!!!! Now.

Hell no you better go to the doctor!

have you felt any thing like nausea or tired a lot.. You may also have low blood pressure or an iron difficency..

i dont think so, see your doctor

It's called orthostatic hypotension. It can be normal in growing teens and in the elderly.
You can relieve it by increasing your circulation. Exercise regularly and drink lots of water. That should help!


no, you should go to the doctor!

No, it is not normal at all. You want to make an appt. with a doctor soon, could be a blood pressure problem.

Haliman S
It is abnormal, but a small percentage of people do have it for life, particularly the ones taking high blood pressure pills.
You can easily overcome it. Before getting up after sitting or laying, do some simple exercises, such as raising your legs, your arms, your shoulders etc a couple of times. It is a kind of warming up that increases your heart rate and improve your blood circulation.

no! go to a doctor

Betrayed and Insane
You are probably just getting up too fast and the blood rushes to your head.

No this is not normal and this could be caused by one of two things, high blood pressure or more likely because you are lacking in iron and thus anemic, go see a Dr for a blood test ASAP both are easily treatable.

Hope you feel better soon.

Tony R
yes it ask any doctor

Mike J
Not normal. Is your cardiovascular system healthy? Do you need to lose weight? Eat right and exercise a lot more and you should stop blacking out so easily.

Dark Wolf
No, you really need to see a doctor. It could be something very serious.

Jillian P.
Happens to me a lot too! It's normal. A lot of my friends experience it too.

Tom S
not at all.

r c
only if u do lotsa drugs/alcohol

You probably have low blood pressure and when you get up fast...it falls and makes you black out. I use to have the same problem. Do see your doctor to make sure.

Dr. Pepper

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