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 I haven't slept in 20 hours...?
soooo, i haven't slept in almost 20 hours.
i've been up all night/morning worrying.. and i had 2 cups of yesterday, which i didn't think could keep me THIS awake.
I feel kind ...

 Chronic Headaches?
I have been having headaches almost every night for the past month or so, AT LEAST three times a week, probably more. I do have bad eating habits, usually I don't eat until the afternoon. Lately ...

 What could it be? very important!!!!?
i been having really bad chest pains. like shocks in my chest,it feels like its to my heart. and it be hard for me to breathe all the time. it has gotton worse. sometimes when i get the shockes in my ...

 What 3 things protect the heart? worth 10 points...........?

Additional Details
actually this question has to do with the internal organs....

 For the Marijuana smokers and or medical advisers..??????
No need to judge please, I DON"T care to here the comments about how marijuana is sooo bad for. I'm not trying to be harsh, but save it for someone who cares please. Thank you dear.

 Always tired?
for some reason i am ALWAYS tired. ive had this problem on and off for years but in recent weeks its gotten worse. every morning i wake up i literally have to drag myself out of bed and im still ...

 Does wearing glasses make it more difficult to do things?
Everytime I have them on, I cannot play the gutair as well, or lazer tag. I always do better with them off. Vision does not seem to have anything to do with it....

 What headache do i have?
Hey everyone, i am 15 years old boy. Last night i got a head ache. So i figured it would go away when i slept. I woke up and it was still there. I took medicine to relieve pain today. I still have it ...

 Pull an Alnighter? Or have about 5 Hours Sleep?
I have to go on a 40 min Plane ride on holiday tomorrow and I have to wake up around 4am! I'm a night person and love to stay up till about 4 but I don't know weather to Go to sleep at ...

 I really, really want a cigarette?
The thing is I'm in college and I'm way too broke to keep smoking and I need to quit anyway. Quick! What do I do?...

 Help!! I have something in my eye and it HURTS, what do I do?
My parents are sleeping and when I try to tell them , they tell me they'll deal with it tomorrow but I can't even go to sleep because it hurts...
Additional Details
How do I ...

okay recently i couldnt get to sleep on Sundays... how can i get to sleep on Sundays and not be tired for school on Monday without taking meds?...

 Does aluminum foil, when worn on the head, protect against alien's taking over your mind?

 My knee is bothering me . I have RLS so its impossible to rest the knee. What to do for knee pain?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Additional Details
Cynthia-I was diagnosed with RLS 15 years ago by someone alot smarter than you. Your comment perpetuates the idea the RLS is a ...

 What type of doctor should I see if I am having numbness in my right toes and my right middle two fingers?
The numbness is also accompanied with tingling. I sit most of the day and that is when it bothers me. It feels like my extremedies are going to sleep. It is only on the right side. My toes are also ...

 Water in ear?
today is day 5 of having water in my ear. i have tried everything to get it out. sleeping on the ear, warm water flush, alcohol, peroxide, olive oil, swimmers ear, wax remover, jumping on one leg ...

 How many glasses of water should you drink a day and what are the effects from not drinking enough water?

 Does anyone know...?
does anyone know a fool proof way to pass a drug test without the results coming back diluted?...

 How to be tension free?
Am a teenager. how to be stress-free and tension free. i am very very short tempered......

 I've been getting these bumps in my mouth?
I haven't noticed them until now. I was running my tongue against my bottom lip and I felt bumps on my lips. So I looked, there is a few on my bottom lip and there is some on the inside of my ...

Is it bad if your tears aren't salty?
I noticed after crying, my tears weren't salty. I didn't know if that's something to be alarmed about. Does anyone know? I can't find anything on-line. I'm also 4 months pregant, can that have something to do with it? Any information will help. Thanks
Additional Details
I forgot to mention something. Since a lot of you think I'm depressed. My hubby is fighting the war. Everytime he calls I get a little emotional. I am very happy and not depressed! Plus pregnant woman have raging hormones. That was the first time I actually cried in 2 months. I think my body needed it. Sorry. Thanks again for all your help and answers.

Youve been crying too long maybe. Stop crying, your pregnant. If youre depressed, you should tell your doctor about it so that you can be put on some Zoloft.

Yeah it means your body is preparing for self-destruction.

OMG!!!! your tears aren't salty!!!! How is this posssible! You have what is know as tearsarentsalty syndrom. This is a very strange problem next your eyelashes will fal out then, the hair on your head. You will have to live like that. Oh, and your baby will be a monkey.

Ok on a serious note, I am sure it is nothing. Talk to a docoter.

It's not bad if your tears aren't salty. If your tears are salty, your eyes will be burning because of the salt. Do you notice that when you sweat and the moisture gets in your eyes, it will cause your eyes to burn? That's because your skin will excrete salt through your skin.

Dr Dee
It doesn't matter.

hey, i dont think the tears do anything with pregnancy coz the only tears you get from pregnancy is the ones from down below and besides thats before birth. I think you may be suffering from depression because pregnancy can affect someone's emotions and feelings. But since you are pregnant, i hope you are happy! pregnancy is a happy thing, and i hope you have a great baby:D

No, it doesn't matter.

Its a hypothesis only: that since the mother's womb is filled with water it may be shifting the balance of sodium and potasium present in other areas of a pregnant mother's body- such as in tears or saliva. ....Its important that salt in tears exist for cleansing the eye so you may want to check with an optimologist to be sure its not something potentially more serious...hopefully its just a temporary situation that will go back to normal balance (or stasis) in your body once your baby is born.

Stop crying....not good for your health....

Flyn B
Don't cry... be a happy mum for your baby...

Deep Thought
I don't think that's anything to worry about, maybe they aren't as salty as they used to be or it's just an impression that they are less salty.
But stop tasting your tears! I wish you all the best.

tia c

Maybe they just don't taste salty. Did you know that your taste-buds change during pregnancy? I wouldn't worry about it if I were you, I'm sure you're just fine ;-)

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