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Mark M
If i quit smoking, what will i expect to happen?
What benefits will i have, besides lowered cancer risk & dying young?

I don't smoke, but I have friends who have quit previously. You can expect to gain a little weight, but with a exercise, that should eventually subside. Also, in a little while, you'll start to realize you don't get sick as often. Smoking reduces your immune system. If you jog, you'll notice your breathing getting better and your sense of smell and taste returning. Smells and tastes will intensify.

Jamerican Steve
More money in your pocket and happy people who want you to be around.

You will immediately feel better.
Your breath will smell better.
Your clothes will smell better.
You will save money.
You will have a desire to smoke until the Nicotine leaves your system in about 4 weeks.
People will treat you as a first class citizen instead of a second class citizen.

you can enjoy a pint without running out every 20 mins. more energy, more money, less colds, and the pride of kicking one of the most adictive drugs in the world!!!

Eric S
more money in your pocket

Cheryl W
I quit 3 1/2 years ago after 12+ years of smoking.

I no longer felt shortness of breath as easily.

You will realize after a very short while how strongly smokers actually smell. You can tell from across a room if someone has smoked recently.

My appetite increased also so watch out that you don't replace cigarettes with food. It is very easy to gain weight as a result.

wow what else was you lookin for?

Lionheart ®
Your lungs will start to repair themselves (slowly and not completely depending on how long you had smoked).

You may experience weight gain.

You will notice a new, fresh smell in your home and car, which means that your sense of smell is starting to return. You will become annoyed at the smell of tobacco anywhere around you.

You will avoid situations where a lot of smoking occurs; bars, friends/relatives homes, etc.

Louie Liverlips
When you quit smoking, the first 90 days are tough. Especially if you drink. Drinking and smoking just always seem to go hand in hand. I found I drank more (when I first quit) than when I smoked, as I just wanted something to do with my hands. A cigarette always gives you something to do with your hand...

What bennies? Things I noticed were increased sense of smell towards smoke. I never noticed how bad my clothes smelled after a party, or how a car smelled like a smoker lived in it, etc. Now, I can smell when someone lights up a cigarette 1/2 a mile away.
I didn't gain weight, or gain a bunch of taste - although spicy food is now spicier without smoke clogging my taste buds. Another great benefit was being able to run long distances easier. I like to hike and run/jog. When I quit smoking, 2 months later I noticed a big difference in my breathing.

And hey, smokes are like $5 a pack now! Think how much money you'll have for whatever else...

I've been an habitual smoker for the past decade and I'm currently 21 and trying to stop smoking.
I'd like to live to see 31.
I thought I stopped smoking a little over a month ago, but I haven't really touched a cig since this last weekend. Only when I drink, which isn't often, at all.
Another reason why I quit, was because here, in Ohio, they're banning smoking from all over the place, so I didn't see any real point to continue.
I do crave them most of the time, but that's where you have the will power to say, "NO!" and don't do it.
Maybe chew on some gum or hard candy.

Only personal benefits I know of, you might have a cleaner bill of health in the long run.
You might be able to actually take a long run. With all that huffing and puffing.
I know, I eat a lot more than I did, because cigarettes were used as my substitute for eating.
You'll definitely save more money, for sure.
You and your belongings (room, clothes, etc) will no longer smell like smoke.

I know it sounds odd, but I completely hate the smell of smoke, unless it were my own and still do. The taste for awhile, has made me nauseated.

Anyway, I could go on forever, good luck on trying to stop smoking if you do. Because it will take a lot of will power from yourself to be completely done with it, trust me.

You won't cough as much.
You'll be able to be with the people you care about longer.
You won't be obnoxious to nonsmokers/children.
You house, car and clothes won't smell bad.
You'll save a lot of money.
Health insurance will go down.
The list goes on.

I quit after 10 years of heavy smoking,I gained weight,for the food tasted & smelled better,there is no phlem /smoker's cough in the mornings the lungs are getting more oxygen,every thing has a better and a different taste,& the sense of smell has increased tremendously.

Well, the two that you mentioned should be more than enough reason, but if you want more - read these answers you have been given.

I have been smoking for 25 years. I am trying for the 3rd time to quit.

For me, I am quiting so I :

can spend more time with my family.
can have more money
can have a car that doesn't smell
can have a life
can breathe
can be with people (face it - smoking stinks)
can have lower insurance rates
can piss off the State government - because they just raised the tax on a pack of cigarettes by $1.00 a pack to pay for their inept money management practices.

Well other than the occasional cravings that you will have to fight off, you will notice your food starting to taste better, your sense of smell get much stronger than it was before, your teeth and gums will get whiter and healthier, your wallet get a little thicker from not spending on cigarettes, and all around just feel healthier with a lot more energy.

Panda Lover
You smell better,
have better judgment,
save over 1000 dollars year.
You save on medical expenses over your life time of 10 000. people around you will live longer too.
You have white teeth.
You breath better and not be short of breath
You be able to run longer
You be able to enjoy life more and activities
Your heart rate will be better too
people will sit by you on a long trip and not have to wish some one else was there cause you smell
your clothes will not stink
less chances of a fire in your house
kids will say i want to be like you
you will be an example to everyone who says you can't
you be a winner
Your car will have a better resell factor cause it is smoke free
you house will sell better too cause it does not smell of smoke
your eyes will not sting from smoking
others eyes will not sting from smoking
you will not hurt pregnant woman and their unborn child
You never be fined for smoking in public
how is that for starters
YOu feel better about yourself
You be able to make a list of 200 ways that smoking changed your life

You will feel so good! You will be able to breathe clearly, your sense of smell will increase drastically, food will taste incredibly better and you will have TONS of energy!

filthy n' poor
You'll get Your sense of smell back, from what I've heard other smokers say (I've never smoked). Whether or not that's a good thing depends probably on where You live.

dude i just quit 3 weeks ago, its ****** awesome seriously, i dont have to stand in the cold to smoke, i can walk up stairs its awesome! you just feel like overall a million times better, like you lost 20lbs or something

*Your circulation improves
*our breath smells better
*stained teeth get whiter
*bad smelling clothes and hair go away
*your yellow fingers and fingernails disappear
*food tastes better
*your sense of smell returns to normal
*everyday activities no longer leave you out of breath (for example, climbing stairs or light housework).
*smoking cost a lot of money and you will save more money

But I've alsoI have heard you might gain a little weight when quitting smoking, at most 10 pounds.

Congrats and good luck!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Cheezy Doodler
You will feel better, the cravings will start to go away after a few months. Your energy level will go up. You may eat more due to food cravings. Your taste buds will work better ..so congrats you will be able to taste food as it really is. People wont look at you like a freak when your standing outside some where is yout little area smoking....put it this way...you will be free!

After you get past the desire to kill, you will be able to breath easier, you will have a better since of smell and taste and you will feel better all around, plus you'll have more money to spend.

Ray E
Saw sumfin on TV once that said your lungs regenerate or sumfin. In a short time thier condition is like you'd never smoked at all.

You'll have more $$ to spend on other things and you'll smell a whole lot better! Your teeth won't get as badly stained - if you don't drink coffee or tea, you can get them whitened and they'll stay that way!

I've been through it (quitting) and believe me, the benefits FAR outweigh the discomfort - the TEMPORARY discomfort - of quitting.

Be strong!

Havas nana
Things will taste better. Sense of smell increases. No shortness of breath. Coughing will lessen in a few months. You will get the munchies for awhile so stock up on low cal snacks. Carrot sticks and Celery and stuff like that helped me. 12 years now and feel better than ever. good for you

Your energy level will increase. Your skin tone & texture will change which will make you look healthier because you will be healthier. Food tastes better. The list goes on & on

on the positive side.

- better breathing, thinking, living, sleeping, and if you keep it thata way ina few years your body might recover from it.

on the negative.
-if you are lazy and dont move much, you might gain some weight, but since you are not smoking exercise not only will go easier but might become pleasurable.

No! I'm NOT Elton John
Improved breathing
Improved ability to cope with sudden exertion
Loss of smoker's cough and reduction in phlegm
Sense of taste and smell improves
Hair, skin and breath no longer smells of tobacco smoke
The natural decline in lung efficiency slows down to a rate similar to non-smokers.
This is what happens to you when you stop smoking:

20 minutes
Blood pressure and pulse rate return to normal.

8 hours
Nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in the blood reduce by half, oxygen levels return to normal.

24 hours
Carbon monoxide will be eliminated from the body. Lungs start to clear out mucus and other smoking debris.

48 hours
There is no Nicotine left in the body. Ability to taste and smell is greatly improved.

72 hours
Breathing becomes easier. Bronchial tubes begin to relax and energy levels increase.

2-12 weeks
Circulation improves.

3-9 months
Coughs, wheezing and breathing problems improve as lung function is increased by up to 10%.

1 year
Risk of a heart attack falls to about half that of a smoker.

10 years
Risk of lung cancer falls to about half that of a smoker.

you'll have withdraws for a little bit,
but its for the better.
im very proud of u if u do quit.

you will be happy heathy and more attractive. not only does smoking make you die younger it makes you age faster so if you are 20 you look more like 40. when you stop you will soon look younger smelll better and be a happier guy. this is what girls look for in a guy there is no upside to smoking. it will be hard but it will be rewarding. hope this advice helps and hope you quite asap.

Kevin M
you need more than that?

healthier lungs.

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