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I smoked weed twice about a month ago. will i pass a hair test at the end of december?
i had never tried drugs before and haven't touched the stuff since.
Additional Details
i work at a tire plant and they require hair tests for everybody.

Easy: just get a short hair cut now.

nope u won't, and i think you were being pretty dumb smoking weed in the first place. Just think, if you never did it then you would have never had this problem

Yes, you should. And you shoudn'd go back.

Mehde H
STUPID its not cool to smoke if you smoke 1 mor time you are going to get a smacken by me

you'll pass just drink fluids!!!

tickled blue
hair tests go back a long way!!! either shave your head, get a really close cut, or you're probably gonna fail.
BTW: what kinda place does a hair test?? You ought to demand a regular pee test.....then it wouldn't show!!

Shave your head!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quick!!!!

Mark G
You are in jeopardy. Dye your hair a couple of times between now and then. That will do the trick.

Luke N
no you will not it stays in your hair for a very long time(like couple years). weed 1 you 0.

☮ Spree
ah bummer... and you only did weed too. wow, yeah shave your head to be on the safe side.

Nope, if you still have your hair, you will fail. What have ou done, as so to have your hair tested for drugs???

If your honest! you'll be fine. Pot or (thc) stores itself on fatty tissues and must have an abundance amount in your system. and only smoking it twice will not be enough to see it even in a UA. when you use in large amounts it will show up hair test really only go back 3-4 months and you would have to use pot for a long time for it to show. If you take too many ibproveran it will show a false pos. for thc

Larry A
Yeah, it's inyour hair. Supposedly there is a shampoo used for certain problems that will take it out. Don't know what it is, check the net.
Otherwise cut your hair short, short, short now, let it grow a few weeks and then cut it again til you have all the hair cut that you had in your head when you smoked and a little extra and you'll be fine.

it stays in your hair until you cut it, so from your roots until split ends

Stylish B
no u will not

Time to Shave your Head

mad as hell

good luck!!

No, sorry, your not going to pass.

the weed is in your hair strand, it continues growing. everything can be traced back, as for drug testing (urine) it depends on when you did the weed. but yeah your hair will snitch on you, and they'll find out. try cutting it lol.

Lei Ling
NO!! It will stay in your hair until that part of it grows outand you cut if off. Which will take a long time.

there is a huge chance that you won't pass. any kind of drug can be found in one's hair for more than a year.

No you will not pass a hair test.

I heard they can trace as far back as your hair has grown.
So that would be a no

A hair test usually picks up anything in the past 90 days. That would be three months from when you smoked it. So I think you might be caught.

i am a veteran of passing drug tests, and i can tell you that you will not pass that test if it's a hair sample; those go back at LEAST 6 months. if it was a piss test, those are easy as hell to pass

the hair test can actually be traced back 9 months to a year. either get your head shaved or an army crew cut

wow, yeah, shouldnt be a problem. but to be on the safe side, and for just using weed in the first place, shave ur head, make us all feel better

I hear there's a shampoo.

You will test dirty on a hair test up to 3 months after smoking weed.

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