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Alyssa A
I smoked 3 hits of pot two weeks ago. Will I pass a drug test???
I have been drinking lots of extra water and I take a multi-vitamin everyday. I am concerned that I might not pass.
Additional Details
I have been consuming water in hopes to keep the thc count low. I haven't smoked any pot for about month before this.

it depends what kind they do...if they do hair samples you'll test positive for a while

that's not much, u could probably say that u used to smoke it years ago.

i really don't think so, why didn't you think of this before

You WILL pass it. The only way that you might possibly fail, is if they take a hair sample, from the root. Which, I believe can detect as far back as a few years. But 2 weeks ago? nahhh...you're fine.

3 hits...I doubt they'll find anything.

The love of your life
You should, just make sure to drink over a gallon of water a day to dilute most traces of it. And try to pee about an hour before you have to take the test.

The reality is that it stay,s in your system and is absorbed by the fatty cells and takes approx 3 months to clear, if you still want to risk the test, i would be drinking orange juice,and making it fresh at home,from real oranges,one glass per day,i guarantee you will feel better as the citric acid in orange juice, helps the body THC content to be reduced,it works, if your at a party where some really wicked weed is,and you or someone overdoses and starts spinning out,sip fresh orange juice,it will bring you down in just a few minutes.

You're good, you'll definitely pass. 3 weeks is plenty of time, don't worry.

If they spend the extra money to a complete drug screening you will not pass.

I have heard it stays in your system for 4 weeks. Time to quit?

Do you deserve to?
I'll never understand why people would take a chance with
themselves like that, but anyway, its hard to say. It would depend on the type of test, your weight and how quickly your metabolism works. If you have a healthy diet and your pretty active and take care of yourself (other than putting illegal drugs in your body) You might have a good chance of passing. Especially if it is done by one of those offices that does testing for jobs.
Continue to drink lots of water and cross your fingers.
Hope you pass!

It depends on several things:

A: What they are testing. If they are testing your blood, it will be in there anywhere from 1 month to 2 months. If they are testing your hair, it will be in there for 4 months. If they are testing your urine, it will be present for one to three weeks depending on your weight, but drinking copious quantities of water is grounds for failure.

B: Who is testing you. If you are being tested by a parole officer, the methods used are more accurate. If for a job, it is possible that it might not even be testing for marijuana.

C: How often you smoked before your three hit experience.

Check out the source below on the half-life of marijuana, and see your local neighborhood head shop for detox shakes

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