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mothers finest
I know that I need blood work done.But, have no insurance. What agency would help me pay for things like this.
I'm in terrible shape. I know I'm sick but can not afford the medical attention that I need. I can't even take the first step of getting blood work done to see what exactly my problem is. I know my feet swell, I'm tired all the time. I was surposed to have blood work done 3 weeks ago but didn't.

a job

Public Hospitals have Social workers that can help with this kind of thing. They're really good, and totally confidential. Just go in and ask.

What country are you from? Some countries have charitable instituition even hospital gives charity services...so I guess you have to inquire.Believe me..there will be help for you.I will be praying you'll get well. God bless!

Is there a state heathcare clinic in your area. these are sometimes places that give out free flu shots etc... These are places you can go to seek medical treatment too. Sometimes there is a small fee, but it is much lower than going to a hospital without insurance. You may have to wait on a list as well.

Another option is to go to a healthcare clinic like Scripps or Sharp and ask to see a dr. Most of the time dr's will lower their office visit costs if you don't have insurance. They also have payment plans that can help or temporary insurance plans.

Blue Cross is also a very affordable independant insurance company. You can sign up online and I had great coverage for only about $40 a month.

I hope this info helps and that you get to feeling better. It's probably not as bad as it seems, you should get checked out soon though, but I'm sure it's a simple fix.

Good Luck!

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Have you applied for Medicaid? This is important for a lot of lower income people, but you have to have almost no income at all (or only be receiving federal assistance income, such as SSI) in order to qualify - I think.

Your state's version of the Department of Health and Human Services should be able to assist you with healthcare after filling out an application. Even those who make above minimum wage are still eligible for services.

I hope you feel better.

Sounds like diabetes. Grab a Yellow Pages and or use your computer and type in "free clinic" with your city and state for an Internet search. Every state has free medical clinics in their city's for people like you. Do the blood work ASAP!!!! If you have a stroke or other medical issue that could make you worse, you may not be typing questions on the internet anymore. Get it done. Go tomorrow. Quit wasting time on Answers (after reading this) and do some search to find a free clinic near you. Get up early and try to be the first one there so you don't have to wait for an hour before your turn. All blood testing labs have people waiting even at 7AM. I was recently pregnant and had to have blood taken several times doing my pregnancy. Every time I tried to get there early and every time there were about 10 people in front of me. I do have insurance so if you go to a free clinic, it may be busier. Good luck and to good health for you. Get well soon.

Talk with the hospital and they will guide you.

Go to your local county hospital (U.S. A.) they are not allowed to refuse you tell them you are having chest pain they will do a complete wk-up, so that will get most of your blood work done and than tell them the rest of your symtoms. they get money from the state so its not that your begging that what its there for and they will let you pay as little as a dollar a month, they will give you a funny look but who cares but the rich, please I am a nurse I know their there to make a proffit off you and the gov.

I would call your county's health department; most of the time they base it on income and somtimes it's free and they take donations (whatever you have to give.) If you can;t find the number, look up County in the yellow pages or call the city and get the number.

Please do one of the following tomorrow morning. You’re probably fine, but your symptoms are consistent with serious conditions such as congestive heart failure. I’m typing this to kind of scare you to get checked out as soon as possible.

1.Medicaid: state-sponsored service to pay for health care costs http://www.needymeds.com/indices/medicaid.tml
2.State Insurance Office: http://www.naic.org/state_web_map.htm call and find out if there’s a program that helps people in your financial and medical situation.
3.Free clinic: http://medkind.com/Scripts/Modules/Module6/A1.idc?Code
4.County Health Department: http://ask.hrsa.gov/pc/
5.Needy Meds: http://www.needymeds.com/ for after you find out what is going on. It’s a Web site that has links to state and private organizations that assist people with specific conditions.
6.Private insurance: http://www.mostchoice.com/health-insurance.cfm MostChoice.com. Simple, free, and you can talk with multiple agents and get multiple online quotes from local insurance carriers.

Please get help soon. Earlier answerers were right in that your local hospital can’t turn you away if you’re sick and can work with you to pay for services or to find another route.

Good luck,

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