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I keep waking up at 5am every morning..why?
i get it everyday now for over a week, and thats why im on here
Additional Details
and my alarm is set for 6:30am

Octopus Rex
Stop snorting Coke

Do you need to poop?

have you tried setting your alarm for a later time, dufus

......?your alarm is set for 5am.....????? (your blonde, arent you?)

abdul m
Pray to allah and start the day rite.......i do

I would say a prayer

heebee jeebees ?

Your Circadian rhythm.

Well what time are you going to bed? If you are laying done to go to sleep before 10:00pm then that might be your reason for for waking up at 5:00am.

Are you going to sleep early? Hey, its not sucha bad thing because most people want to get up early but they just cant; consider yourself lucky, okay?

did you change your sleeping patterns recently? if yes than thats the reason your body is trying to find a happy medium on the bed note...if no i have no clue..

Life is telling you to get your *** out of bed and workout....Starting your day off right will in turn make your healthier and happier which in turn will make the people around you feel better.....

neil s
at 5am your heart is beating at its slowest most dangerous rate your bodies self defence system is probably kicking in and waking you up but then again what do i know you probably just need a piss

all that jazz
either your getting enough sleep for one night - or depending on where u live - the sun might be coming up earlier??

Do you often drink alcohol? I tend to wake much earlier when I've drunk some, whether it's one drink or 4 - pretty odd. I tend to sleep better and more deeply without any kind of alcohol.

you know what, that's how i am too.. i wake up at around 5... it's because your really useto it... it's a habit of urs... nothing is wrong with you.. unless you get bad dreams.. or if something is really bugging you. There has to be a reason behind this. or it's just your... habit.. that has changed.

Its the Hypothalamus, which linked to Nervous system + in turn Endocrine system which is to 24 hr clock ie the Circadian cycle. Also, body temp, hunger + thirst, Hypothalamus involved in.

Chantal D.
Nothing wrong with that as long you get enough hours sleep at least 6-8 hours to give the brain complete rest.
I'm also awake at that hour.

I can't sleep either.

The only thing I can think of is that you're biological clock has been tampered with. Have you done anything to alter your usual routine? Maybe you've gone to bed too early or something. If this is a sudden issue, maybe you've got sleeping issues.

pritam k
Great - your bio clock is nicely set. Early rise makes a man healthy and wise. but see you sleep by 10 pm to get sufficient sleep to regenerate your mental faculties.

body clocks just out of sync same things been happening with me the last few days, not being able to sleep at night and then sleeping most of the day, just try&get back into your normal routine whatever you were doing up til this week

because youre body is used to getting up at that time.

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