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Additional Details
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I just got 3 shots, all in my butt!!! Is this a common practice, or was my nurse treating me too childish,im14
The nurse brought in a tray with 3 shots and I started screaming because i cant stand needles. She told me to roll up my sleeve and i resisted and said i wasnt getting the shots. She called for help from the other nurse and she came in the room and held me on the exam table. The nurse then lifted my skirt up and gave me all 3 shots in the butt!!! It hurts like hell!! Any advice? Wasn't i treated 2 childish??

Frist of all ,she should have been a little more patient with you because I am a RN and I won't never treat anyone that way. Second, the needle shouldn't have hurt unless she stuck wrong but the medication maybe thick or a large amount, that may hurt going in. But, either way you shouldn't have suffer so needlessly. Unfortunately she had a long day or a bad experience with other pt. but she is a professional and we don't put every in the small mold.

That guy you hate, for no reason
um i never got a shot in my asss buddy boy so she probably just wanted to touch it ;) you should feel lucky you was just molested by a nurse. at least she didn't put anything in there

if you feel that she did you should consult with your doctor and tell him in a pilote manner and how you think about it i personally think that that was her job i mean your 14 she is not going to baby you besides you were kinda the baby cause you were the one screaming about geting a shot think about it you need to be treated childish you act it i not mean just realistic

They must have liked your bum ......

i got three shots in the arms before

well, you were acting childish, and you needed the shots, so they did what they did to my 3 yr old.
if you don't wanna be treated like a child, don't act like one.

they held you on the exam table?.. that's kinda freaky...

older woman
You acted like a baby, you got treated like one.

parental unit
you acted like a child when you cried about the shot and refused to go along. Shots in the butt are common into adulthood and beyond. Get over it.

If you are skinny, that's what they do. Fatties get it in the arm.

You were apparently given a med that has to be injected IM (or intramuscularly). That usually means your arm or your rear...and it hurts a whole lot less in your rear. It's possible that you tensed your muscles which makes it hurt a lot. You weren't treated childishly, but it sounds as if you acted that way.

she treated you like a child because you were acting like a child...think about it

New Dad
So you got your shots! Welcome back! I will answer you like I did the other day. YES. Intramuscularly and introvenously.
BUT, no western medical staff can NOT hold you down and administer meds without your consent (your guardian, since you are 14) or unless you are a ward of the State. So let's not make things up.

me 3shots per day for 5 days!

Try getting them in the arm next time and not acting like a baby.

At 14, your mother gave them the right to give you the injections, you had no choice other than choosing the spot, when you wouldn't co-operate, they used the largest safest muscle, your backside, that they could. Don't worry, the soreness will pass.
They treated you the way you acted, like a child.

For a shot in the arm, lean to one side and let your arm go "spaghetti-arm" limp. For a shot in the rear end, bend slightly forward and stand as pigeon-toed as you can.
This will keep you from tensing up your muscles. What hurts is when you have your muscles all tensed up. And don't look at the needle; turn away!

karen wonderful
You were the one who was misbehaving. Shots in the rear hurt a lot less than in the arm. I have had them both places and I definitely prefer the rear. Your shots hurt more because you were tensing up and if you relax they don't hurt.

It would have been SO MUCH easier for you to get them in the arm...but you wouldn't allow that to happen. So, the nurses had to do what they needed to to give you the injections. Sorry to say, but you brought this on yourself (don't mean to sound harsh).

In my experience, the more upset you get and the more you resist and get all worked up...the worse the whole process is. You probably were upset for about 10 times as long as it would have taken to get the shots if you had just let them do it.

Getting shots isn't much fun, but if you just take a deep breath and sing a song in your head, it's over in a few seconds...and isn't that better than having to have them hold you down with you kicking and screaming? You probably also really tensed up your muscles in your buttox which WILL make them very sore afterwards.

You're 14 years old. You're not a little kid anymore. Your behavior only made the situation worse. Next time, try and distract yourself and just get it over with. Part of growing up is dealing with unpleasant things. Sad, but true. NOBODY likes shots...but they truly are not that big a deal (except in your mind).

Try an ice pack on your buttox to help the discomfort. You can also try Tylenol or Ibuprofen (follow the package directions and ask your parents first).

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