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I have osteoarthritis in fingers, can i claim any benifits?
i have osteoarthritis in my fingers,and suffer depression am on tablets for this.can i claim d l a. have only done charity work in past so cant get incapasity benifit.

try getting a job and working

Nate H
Ya you can get benifits, but only about $400 a month.

In the US, depression and osteoarthritis are not disability conditions.

Also, you cannot get benefits ANYWAY because you have not paid into the social security system. You have to work so many quarters, which is at least a few years.

Dont count on it. My daughter has has had a mitral valve replacement, an aortic valve angio, will have to have the aortic valve replaced a couple times, and the mitral valve replaced a couple more times. She is 6 and we cant get any help on her because they say it isnt life threatning. Not to mention she is on Coumadin for the rest of her life

do you have a health insurance ?

Rob E
As some people may not be aware, UK Disability Living Allowance is not means tested, nor does someone being in employment directly prevent you from claiming nor being eligible for it.

There are 2 main components of DLA- Care and Mobility, which have very strict definitions of eligibility. There are also varying levels of benefit, subject to the impact that the disability has upon someone.

I have a friend with MS who spends most of her life in agony and in a wheelchair. She also has issues due to its effect upon her brain and central nervous system. She was rejected from eligibility due to the very strict criteria that have been set.

You may be eligible for DLA. If rejected, you can also appeal against the deicisions.

The UK Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) offer a free advice service and also help people to complete the claims and/or appeals processes. They are impartial. I recommend that you visit their website for further information.

Also, i noticed the following, from a web search:
'More than 50% of all initial claims for DLA are refused' from http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/guides/guides_index.htm This site seems to offer online help, to prevent the common mistakes that claimants often make. It's also a site that requires a fee for membership, so may not be your 1st choice.

The DLA claims forms are complicated, so I encourage you to get some support with them.

My advice - do not give up on DLA, or other benefits, if you feel that you're entitled. Plus get help with the claims process. The CAB provide a comprehensive support service for all governement benefits, start there.

Good luck, Rob

I dont know about benefits but i suggest you try Bromelain from Healthspan if you are in the UK. I take one a day and it has helped my osteoarthritis no end. Its a natural product made from pineapple extract and it is brilliant!

in order to claim SSI or ssd you have to file the paperwork at your local social security office you will also be required to go through physical and mental tests to prove that your form of arthuritis and your depression leave you both physically and mentally disabled enough not to be able to work

Yes, you would qualify for it since it hinders you from working.

I have osteoarthritis in my back and they told me I wouldn't qualify for any benefits until it has gotten so bad that I can no longer walk.

If you haven't held a steady job in the past, and your fingers aren't stopping you from working now, the government isn't going to give you a dime, I have this problem in my knees, but according to the government I can still work at a desk job.

Miss Informed
Contact your state disability office.

david UK
phone your local office


Brenda P
almost everbody eventually gets some OA if you live long enough. It's a condition of life, I feel it as I type right now. Go to a doc and surf online to find ways to deal with it positively.

No, just keep moving like everyone else dealing with the same problem does every day. The worst thing you can do is stop moving and YES, I do know how much it hurts. If you keep busy it helps take your mind off the problem and if you can do volunteer work you can find a paying job too.

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