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I have not slept all night! How can i get through the day?
I Could not sleep last night. I now have to work all day. How can i get through the day?

viagra...:P i hv no idea its ur fault u didnt sleep...

Miss Screamo
Coffee coffee and more coffee.
They also have pills you can buy to wake you up.
They work great, I use them somedays when going to school.

Some strong coffee. Don't over do it though. Sometimes red bull helps for me.

looks like a human
The "carbs and ice tea" is a good recommendation... if you stop munching, you'll need to sleep.

I've gone 6 days without sleep...

Another trick is chicken buillion cubes..... and jogging for a few minutes.

Melt a cube of chicken broth in hot water, and drink like a tea... then run around for a couple minutes.... that will keep you going for a few hours.

Are you stressing? If not, then you might have developed a slight case of insomnia. I had that once. Is this the first time it has happened? Try taking sleeping pills the next night, haha, if you don't want to do it that way, just eat some healthy food, it will make you sleepy. To get through the day, just keep your mind off being tired, splash some cold water on your face, and just freshen up, stay in a brightly lit area so you dont get sleepy from dim lighting.

Happily in Love
Apples have a natural sugar in it that gives you more of a boost than coffee does. Eat a couple apples throughout the day. And you won't "crash" from them like you would energy drinks. I eat apples all the time to keep me up at work (I work graveyard and want to sleep all the time).

jessica c
u can relax n do ur work and keep on taking coffee breaks.then u can go bak 2 ur house n go 2 sleep.

coffee but dont drink more than 4 cups!

First, drink coffee, coke, tea, milk, and a lot of other awaking drinks.

Then, at work, go to the water cooler and splash water on your face whenever you're tired.

drink coffee


eat lots of carbs and have lots of iced tea.

Small bursts of caffeine...go to Starbucks or something like that, get the biggest iced latte they have (flavor it up with vanilla or something to make it tasty), and ask for 4 SHOTS of espresso in it. Take small sips of it through a straw throughout your day, space them out well and make that drink last for your whole shift, and you should be okay. It will prevent a caffeine crash because you are feeding your body small doses of energy intermittently instead of overwhelming your body with it all at one time.

One half hour at a time.

Go see a sleep disorder specialist when you have the time. You might let your boss know. See what she or he thinks.

Happens to the best of us.

Call in sick.. or a caffeine pill like Viberin or No Dose with a combination of Gin-sing used to work good for me...

lots of vitamin B-12 until you can get some sleep..thats what alot of energy supplements have in them

Ignore your tiredness. The more you think about it, the worse you'll feel. Don't tank up on coffee, it'll give you an immediate burst of energy and you'll feel worse afterwards. Eat a lunch rich in carbs.

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