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Sometimes I have trouble sleeping so I like to know a way to get some sleep w/out taking some kind of medicine....

emma b
I didn't sleep well last night. how can i energize myself for the day at work?
is it possible to have a good day if you are tired?

Coffee and Red Bull. Works for me!

a shower, bottle of Lucozade and go in pretending to be ill, they may send you home early.

its possible
drink coffee and vitamin water

sure. drink a bit of coffee, and keep quiet and to yourself.

GO BUY A MONSTER NOW or CHUCK NORRIS is gonna round house kick you and RICKY is gonna run you other with his motercycle, not once but a bunch of times

If you can, sneak in a power nap. A 15 minute snooze works wonders.

Nothing is impossible!

My friend swears by pro plus but having never tried them myself I'd have to say Dextrose tablets or maybe have some sort of energy drink.Make sure you have a healthy breakfast include some fruit.

Call in sick, and spend the rest of the day in bed watching day time tv!!

Michelle N
Take a nice shower, shave, get a good breakfast, and dont ponder on not getting enough sleep, the more you think of it the more you will feel it.

king p
do lots of pushups to increase your heart rate

works for me

Jamara C
Have a coffe and some energy drinks then when you go home get some sleep

maria bartoninfrance
Water, plenty of it and a very brisk walk, that should energize you! Eat small regular meals throughout the day, no sugar and when you get home, have a relaxing bath or shower put your nightclothes on and a pair of comfy slippers. Go to bed as soon as you feel relaxed and sleepy. Sweet dreams! Merry Christmas.x

* No Coffee or Coke after 7 PM
* Try sleping on your right side
* Try a warm bath an hour and a half before going to bed
* NEVER force yourself to sleep ( don't go to bed unless you feel sleepy )
* Leave your PC early , it keeps you awake
* You also may turn off the lights , relax in your living room , think of something or someone you love , some soft music will help
Good Luck

go for jogging:::::::::slow walk

its really work

Camilla the First
You just have to steel yourself and get on with it I am afraid.

Not really, your body needs sleep to repair itself during the night.
Try to do the best you can and go to sleep early tonight.

Sweety pie, this happens to me alot.... a shower to begin with... try to eat a little breakfast... keep drinking lots of water whilst at work.... and try to have a nice lunch out if possible to look forward to.... whilst getting ready play some upbeat music, wear something bright, get some lippy and your fave perfume on after your breakfast take some Paracetamol to combat that headachy feeling... good luck, let me know how you get on. JUST BE GLAD ITS FRIDAY!!!!!

Thomas M
I always do.
Drink coffee eat chocolate and almonds

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