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I accidentally got too drunk! I have a hangover and have to go to work, are there any quick fixes?

Drink some hot coffee and take Tylenol. Throughout the day, drink water and oj. You won't feel 100% but at least you'll be able to feel better than what you feel right now.

I always take an alka seltzer before i pass out and then again when I wake up. I think alot of the relief comes from the water more than anything. There were many nights (or mornings) that I never even went to sleep and somehow still managed to work 13 hours at a busy retail store. When you get home have another drink! That's the best cure for a hangover.

jajaja....um...take a cold shower and drink coffee or orange juice.

No one "Accidentally" gets too drunk..... no one ACCIDENTALLY poured the stuff down your throat or FORCED you to drink---and there ARE consequences---like a whooping headache and hopefully that feeling like you NEED to vomit but can't.... serves you right---hahahahaha Ok now for the cure.... you need ORANGE JUICE and you need FOOD in your system and you should take a couple of asprin... if you weren't going to work, I'd tell you to get a beer, put a RAW EGG and tabsco sauce in it and drink it--would cure that hangover right up---HOWEVER you'd smell of beer and that might not go over too well at work....

A can of coke, pepto bismal, stacks of water, a cold shower and some fresh air.

charlie's angel
tylenol and pepto are what i use to help me with a hangover. and lots of water or gatorade- hangovers occur because you are dehydrated from the alcohol. just my opinion.

Hove Andrew
A kfc with a large coke

james h
Eat plain bread and drink lots of water.

sean don
take a cold shower stay cold drink energy drink.

mr. man
Gatorade helps you with dehydration....feels great drinkin it too. Eat a greasy lunch, it does something, not sure what.

Try and find time after you eat to take a Power nap....make it past the afternoon (hardest part), try not to work real hard during this time.....go home and take a nice nap.

Then go get drunk again tonight.

Sandy Sandals
Pain reliever like Advil, a shower, coffee and a good breakfast to make you go poop to get all the junk out of your body, like a McDonalds breakfast.

How do you accidentally get drunk??? If you were not forced to drink and you chose to do it there was no accident. I've been hungover at work too, you just deal with it...don't "accidentally" get drunk again.

lourdes r
if you are not allergic to Aspirin, try ALKAZELTSER

Coffee or a energy drink like monster because is twice as big as redbull, taste better, and cost the same and pain medicine if you have an headache. Also drink alot of water when you get the caffine in you because you need to get that water back in your body after getting drunk. Lack of water is the number 1 fatigue problem.

you dont "accidently" get drunk...you did it and thats a fact...if you want to drink as an adult..then act like an adult and suffer along with the rest of us whove been in your shoes...if you dont want to get ahangover..then DONT drink...simple as that...btw..from my drinking days...i use to get a large fountain soda from a convenient store..preferably pepsi or mt.dew and guzzle it..this helps get rid fo the hangover..also eat some bread ..plain white bread it will help absorb the alchohol left in your tummy... and other than that..take some midol it helps too and then read some books on why you shouldnt drink..lmao.....hugs sweetie..and good luck at work!!

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