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 When you get blood work done how long does it take for your doctor to have the results?
It's for my cholesterol and my yearly std tests....

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 Can you fall asleep if the pillow isn't coldd?
n the blanket :)...

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 What is the fluid in a blister?

Additional Details
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 People has been saying after quitting smoking can cause cancer? Is it true? Please help.?
People say when a person quit smoking after a long time of smoking, he can get cancer. Is it true? I need professional help. This is mainly due to our body is so use to nicotine after all these years....

 Is my wife pregnant? She is not late in regards to her period but symptons are fluid from one breast.?
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 Could water be dangerous to my health?
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 I think I have an ear infection what do I do?
Tonight when I got home around 12 a.m. my right ear seemed as if it had water in it. I had taken a bath eariler today but it just started feeling this way. About 3 a.m. I couldn't hear out of ...

 Why do i sleep too much in "winter" especially?
in winter i become so lazy! and i want to sleep all the time.
often i sleep for 12 hours. i don't know why! and this affect my studies so much. anybody know why?...

How often can one take a laxative?

Mr G
You should follow directions given on this one. It is unhealthy if you are having to rely on them to have a bowel movement and also as you may be washing out nutrients that you have not yet absorbed into your bowel.

I have heard though that it is quite good to flush your system out once in a while.

whenever you need relief from constipation and never any more than it says on the box

**** knows.

don't take them to diet, calorie control and exersise is the only real way of loosing weight and not harming your body.

Read the packet if you are consipated for ages then try uping the fibre in your diet. If you have a well balanced diet and still have trouble then go to your doctor.

I find a strong coffee works as the best ever laxative.

You would be far better to add fruit or roughage to your diet, using laxatives on a regular basis can affect your digestive system so that you are unable to manage without them.

It should only be 1 every 12 hours if necessary

The more you take and the more often you take them they will become less effective. I currently have to take 25 at a time, twice aweek as the bowel is now dead. Seek other methods to achieve the same effect and don't get addicted

Dwayne Dibley
depends on how many times you need to sh1t

As often as you want to poop

Follow the directions. These can be habit forming so be careful not to over do it. See your doctor if the problem continues.

Steph j
Depends on the type of laxative and how bad the constipation is!
Once or twice a day usually

laxatives are really only a quick fix. if taken too often your body will rely on them. eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables daily in your diet will do the same thing. Also drink plenty of water. you shouldnt need laxitives if you have a good diet.

Disgruntled Biscuit
Read the label on the packaging it comes in!

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