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How long do you need to fast before blood work?
My husband is suppost to fast for blood work and was not told how long, he is wondering if he can eat supper at about 11 if his blood work is at 8:30

8-12 hours

Mr. Curious
Should be 24 hours if it is a cholesterol test

if it's a fasting blood sugar, he shouldn't eat anything 12 hours before the blood draw. and after, something with a lot of protien.

It's reccommended to fast for around 12 hours.
He should also make sure he drinks plenty of water before the blood test as this will make it easier to estract the blood.

If its in the morning (the appointment) then no food that morning only. Supper is fine.
Good luck

Not recommended. Yoiu should fast for 12 hours prior. Eating less than 12 hours prior will require a re-test which is far more inconvenient than missing dinner.

It depends on what the blood work is being drawn for. Didn't he get any direction from his doctor's office? Some blood work requires no fasting at all. Some requires 12 hours and some 24 hours. If they didn't tell him how many hours, then I would assume he does not have to fast at all.

I have never seen so many different answers in such a short amount of time. I want to add, drinking water DOES nothing for your blood work. IF he is to fast, you DO NOT drink water unless you have take a prescribed medication that you take every day.

It depends what the test is. You can call any hospital and tell them what the test is and they could tell you how long he needs to fast. Most tests not to eat or drink after midnight but check so he won't have to have it repeated.

amy y
without knowing what his blwk is It can be from 9pm to 8:30 for a whole lipid panel Thyroid or diabetes you shouldn't eat after 10pm.sometimes you can go as long as midnight. to be save eat a light dinner and stop,

This depends on the lab work. Most require a twelve hour fast. Some will allow a clear liquid (coffee--black, tea, or water) Supper at 11:00 is probably too late for most labs

I had blood test a couple of months ago and was told to fast for 6hrs. I think it depends on the type of blood work up the doc. wants.

I had to fast from 12 midnight until my appointment the next day for my blood work. The instructions was on the paper work I had to take to the Hospital. You may want to look on the paper work he is to take to the hospital. Sometimes it just depends if he has to actually fast. Some blood fasting is not required. You may want to check with his doctor.

it depends on what he is having done. if it is cholesterol it is actually 12 hours of fasting. so if bloodwork is at 830 needs to stop eating at 830 pm for the tests to be accurate.

Fasting means nothing to eat or drink after midnight.

Depending on the tests, he may need to fast for 12 hours before having the blood work done. Food may interfere with the tests or cause them to be falsely high

Fred C
They normally tell me to fast after 10pm, no food, no liquids, except enough water to swallow any medications I take every day.

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