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How long after you quit smoking do you NOT want to smoke anymore?

sarah rules.

you esstupido for even starting that crap.

I haven't smoked in 7 years and I still crave them from time to time. But nothing like I did for the first year after I quit. That was the worst. I did it cold-turkey.
My mother quit in 1986 (she started in 1942) and up until the day she died in 1993, she still wanted a cigarette every day.
My sister quit almost 10 years ago and she still craves them from time to time. I think people have 1 of two things happen when they quit. They either still think about and crave them from time to time or.......they become the dreaded NON-SMOKER. You know the type. They want EVERYONE to stop smoking. They complain about everything---and want smoking just banned everywhere.

Around a week.

Some people claim the desire always remains. And some people get disgusted by them after so long. I was curious of this myself once. My Aunt and Uncle quit cold turkey and can't stand them anymore. I had quit for 2 and a half months and sadly started back up again. I think it depends on the person. Because it's a double addiction, physical and mental. =(

gross d
It's different for everyone. Why put yourself on a schedule?

The fact is that there is a day when you wont want to smoke and every day that you dont smoke, you are closer to that day.

The cravings will pass. And remember that every craving has a begining, middle and end. The craving will pass WHETHER YOU SMOKE OR NOT!!.

The desire to smoke will dissipate. That does happen for everyone, sometimes slower sometimes faster, but the desire does go away. Even the exceptional someone that says they still miss it after years of non smoking, will have to admit that the desire is nothing like it was when they first stopped.

So the problem isnt the craving, the problem is after you quit, you forget how tough it was to stop. The sad facts are that after quitting for a few months not only do the cravings go away, but so does the memory of how difficult it is to stop. And then nobody ever goes back to smoking. They just tell themselves that one wont hurt and then they dont go back to smoking...they go back to quitting.

I think about five years but it gets easier, much, I am on month two, still okay........i have quit like 20 times.....hope it sticks this time, I can't afford it and I hate it!!!!

Becka Gal
9 years and still going. Occasionally one sounds good, but I wouldn't call it a "craving". I still occasionally dream about smoking, but usually wake up feeling guilty about it.

The physical part is gone after a week or so. The mental part - the habit of smoking - I don't think it ever goes away. It's like the half life of a radioactive element. Every year it's half as bad as it was the year before, but it's never really gone.

You just have to remember why you quit, and how much better it feels to not be tied down by cigarettes. If the desire to remain smoke free is stronger than the momentary urge to smoke, you'll make it!

Good luck to you!

When I quit smoking, it took me a few good months to not want to smoke again, I'd say around six. It helped that I moved out of my apartment that I share, because my ex-room mate smoked, and I started dating my husband, who wouldn't tolerate smoke.
Now I really can't stand smoke anymore, I can't help it, it triggers my body to feel revolted, I feel very upset if I'm around smoke.
However, my Greek-American friend, who quit after surviving lung cancer at a very young age, still loves to smoke, and does a bit of it every time he goes to Greece, or somebody who smokes is visiting with him.
In conclusion, it's different for every person, I hope you stay without smoking for long enough to not like it anymore like me.

anything is possible
it takes a long time and everytime that you smell it then you crave it again but just dont do it!

Joe D
I quit and it was a year before I could go all day without thinking about a cigarette. Then I started again and smoked for years. I must have quit a million times before it finally worked. After two weeks I had no urge to smoke. That was 33 years ago and I have no more urge to smoke a cigarette than to stick one in my ear. You figure it out.

"Quitting smoking is easy, ive done it a thousand times"
Mark Twain

the time it takes for you 2 stop thinking about it

it took me awhile like maybe a few months, now i dont have the craving anymore.

As an ex-smoker, I can say a few things.

1) It depends a great deal on how long you smoked and how much you smoked. If it was a long time and you were a pack-a-day type, you will likely never NOT want to smoke anymore. You will merely get better at managing it.

2) It depends on your personality. Some people have extremely "addictive" personalities -- meaning they easily get a psychological hook on things. I have this problem.

Basically, you can get over the physical cravings within a month, and they drop off SHARPLY after three days...and then again within a week...it's in stages.

It's the mental cravings that will linger. I smoked a pack a day for about ten years and have been quit for 7 years. I still have problems in a lot of situations (going out for drinks with friends, for example), where I want one badly. It's all about managing it.

I've heard that the first 3 days after quitting cold turkey is the worst. But after those 3 days you don't really have the Nicotine craving, it's just the bad habit from smoking for so many years that makes you want to have one. The more you keep yourself busy and keep your mind off of cigs the sooner you will not want to smoke anymore.

I quit about six years ago. Like many of the others who answered your question, I still crave a cigarette from time to time. The thing that helped me the most when I was craving a cigarette (while I was trying to quit) was to take a walk. Additionally, relaxation breathing helped.

They claim that the cravings are higher after 3 days, then 3 weeks and then 3 months and the last major one is 3 years

I still have the last one to go

my dad is a smoker he smokes like 2 packs a day and he tells us he will stop smoking and he does for about 1 month but he cant only because he craves the Nicotine so much!!! YOU probably will want to smoke a few days after!

My wife and I quit smoking in 97. We still get cravings, but they get fewer and farther between them.

they say the first 3 days is the hardest then it gets better from there, i found this true, but still about 6 months later if i see somone smoking or even read about smoking i get a craving.

i think tht after you get over three days without smoking, you lose the need to. it's called the tree day hump. i heard it's rele hard during the three days tho...

when you die

I think that u would always have a problem with ur former addiction.... so keep ur mind off of it and u might stop thinking and craving to smoke

Daniel T
The urge never really goes away. However, after 3 months you realize that if you were to smoke a cigarette, you would puke up your rectum. That helps fortify your resolve not to smoke.

Matt C
I quit a year ago and the day to day urge is gone, but you'll akways have moments when a cig sounds great. Good luck quitting.

I quit about a year and a half ago ... I still miss that satisfying rush I get from a cig.

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