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little miss scare all
How do you go about seeing a doctor, with no insurance?
i mean, do u just pick one out of the phone book and make an appt. and pay them cash? how expensive is it? sorry, i dont mean to sound ignorant, but i always had good insurance, and now i dont have any at all,, so i have no clue what dr. to go to, or how to finance it.. any suggestions appreciated..

Call some doctors and ask what they charge. They didn't get that nice Mercedes and the big house by being cheap!

going to doctor w/o insurance will burn your wallet! you should try to go free clinic or try to apply for a state's reduced fee insurance!

I would suggest u to go to free clinics but now those are hard to find. You can try just flipping through the phone book. I am chinese so you should try chinese doctors they are the same and they tend to charge a lot less than american ones. But the truth is, they are still pretty expensive. Depending on what is the problems you have i think the prices are around at least $100+ per visit. Hope this helps.

ta m
You can go with any doctor you want....you just have to pay cash....sometimes up front, if they know you have no insurance. An office visit runs around $120, if they do not run test or give you a shot. First time visits cost more. You can also check with your county health department. They usually will go by your income. Good Luck.

Please get the book "Healthcare for Less"by Michelle Katz. I ot the book at my local BArnes and Noble after hearing her on NECN about saving money in healthcare. I got the book because I needed help choosing a new health insurance that was not as expensive as the one I had....but I learned that the book has much more to offer such as a whole section on how to choose the right doctor for you......it goes through the process step by step, gives you things to look out for, websites, number etc! In fact, I think she was in a car accident and needed back surgery and did not have insurance....she did her own research and found resources that helped her pay for the surgery, so she speaks from experience. I found that you can also get the book on www.amazon.com. I highly recommend you get the book before getting the doctor!!!!

Art The Wise
It's alright. Some people have never had insurance so they never get to see a doctor. Once when I needed a doctor for an ear infection I looked one up in the phone book and made an appointment. A doctor's visit will cost you around $50-$65 without any prescriptions.

Billy T
you will need to contact the patient accounts office at the clinic you want to be seen. they will guide you in the right direction and let you know what dr is accepting new patients

go to a free clinic.

If you don't have insurance look for a government run clinic or go with one that says walk in or day clinic and pay cash. The best way to find one is to look in the phone book and just call around and explain your situation and ask questions.

Jen G
Most doctors won't see you without insurance. Unless you are willing to pay cash at the time of the visit. That's why most people who are here illegally go to the ER when they have a runny nose. Hospital can't refuse anyone.

general dotor.


Yeah pick one. The cost depends on the service. If you have a routine visit for something like a cold or something.. it'd be about 60 dollars. If you go for something like an infection that has to be looked at or biopsied... you're looking at anywhere from 100 to 800 dollars. (I had a sore in my nose, the doctor looked inside it with a light and I got charged 800 dollars for surgery)

Just be careful. Also ask if you can make payments if you are unable to afford the whole thing at once. Most doctors are willing to work with you if you're uninsured.

u can go to a clinic near u. they probably only charge a small fee. the one near me charges 15$ a visit. But u could also go see ur old dr. the might work something out with u since u dont hav insurance anymore. or u can apply for medicaid. or u can go to any dr near u and see how much they charge for visits. but u hav to remember that dr.'s also charge pt.'s for tests and things they do in the office because u dont hav insurance some one has to pay for it. i would go to a clinic or try to get medicaid frm the state.

Many hospitals like the one I work at has a medical, and surgical clinic. at the same time the clinic will help you fill out forms to cover any medications that you may need.Where a hospital is not close by, look up free clinics and they will help you just the same.

kimberly k
first find one that will work with you on a payment plan. there will be times it will be so expensive, you can't pay the cash all up front.

Most doctors are more than happy to accept cash payments! If you're concerned about cost, you can ask when you make your appointment if they can give you a ballpark estimate.

go to the hospital. just about every hospital will see you even if you have no insurance. When you go to pay, as long as you give them something, even if is not but $5.00, it is a payment.

I did that before we got insurance. Where I live, If the hospital will not take the money that you are trying to give them, then that is called refusal to take payment, If they refuse the payment then the bill should be dropped. Meaning you will not owe the hospital anywhere.

I hope that I have been some kind of help.

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