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 Do you know any tricks to fall asleep faster?
It takes me hours to fall asleep! & don't suggest sleeping pills im just a kid ♥...

 Could my time of sleep and bad skin be related?
Lately I haven't been getting to bed at night until 3:00 AM and I wake up everyday around 10-12:00 PM. I've noticed this last month that almost everyday I wake up with a new pimple (be it ...

 How clean is your house? My boyfriend's house is very very dirty and often smells?
He blames it on his 3 adult children who also live there, but on inspection, its clear that the build up of grease, detritus, grime and ground in dirt is from years and years of not cleaning. He has ...

 Should a teen boy wear a bra if he has breast development?

 Is having 280/130 blood pressure bad?

 I'm very concerned that something is really wrong with me?
ok..well about 4 months ago i almost passed out everything went black and it was spinning and peoples voices were echoing...but in about 3 mins it quickly passed...about 2 weeks ago it happend again ...

 Should the eight year old boy be taken into care because he is overweight i?
and if so should someone who is underweight be taken into ...

 What will happe if i dont do what the doctors say?
if the doctor tells me take my pants and draws off befor the surgery and i leave them on, will the doctor check to see if i left them on? and if so, will he take them off..???/ i hae already decided ....

 Why do doctors feel your fingernails?
He said he was looking for "ridges".. why would that be?...

 Burned throat?
For the past few days I have had this sore throat that feels like it is burned. It does not feel like a normal sore throat. I have been to my doctor and he is baffled.
Additional Details

 Can someone develop an allergy to penicillin when thay were not allergic as a child or teen?
I was prescribed penicillin (dicloxacillin 500mg) for mastitis. I woke up at 3am with my right eye swollen shut and the other one not far behind it. I look insane. I called my doc and he said to take ...

 My daughter is running a fever?
she has been running a fever all day of appx. 101 but she isn't complaining of anything else. but lastnight she was complaining of a headache, and then threw-up once. then fell asleep, woke up ...

 No energy to get my day going any advice or truths?/?
I work second shift go to work around 2 pm but I seem to have no energy to go to the gym that I'm paying for or go for a swim I'm tired with no energy, with enough sleep too?!! any reasons ...

 How do I wake up at 5:00am every morning?
I got a new shift at work 5:00am-2:00pm how can I best get on a new sleep schedule for work?...

 I'm 6 months pregnant and I'm having tightening pains in my lower back, what could be the cause of this
I'm 6 months pregnant, and I have been getting these tightening and really painful pains that shoot through the lower part of my stomach all the way through my lower back. It usually lasts about ...

 I have a hangover it was my b-day yesterday ,and im haveing a slurry speech is that something that i should be

Additional Details
worried about???...

 How can i stop sweating, it's not my arm pits, it's my whole body?
My face is often drenched, my hair gets wet, between my leg too making it look like i've wet my self. The body can be hidden under clothes but this can't. I don't smell, shower every ...

 My arms always go numb at random times, in random positions. Mainly when sleeping. Should I worry about it?
They have done this for a couple years now. Im assuming that however I sleep/sit is just cutting off circulation to my arms/hands. But I just want to know if I should worry or not....

 Do i really want to quit smoking??
I havent had a ciggie since this morning and im finding it so hard, i havernt really thought about it untill now.. i had my tea and since then i have been wanting to smoke and its driving me mad!!!<...

 How can i beat the effects of flu?
I'm exhausted as i can't get any sleep. I keep waking up thoughtout the night because i can't breathe through my nostrils. During the day I have shaking fits and i can't even hold ...

How do you describe a bowl of fruit to a blind person?

Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, concorde grapes, peaches, pears, bananas, pineapples

Plus cream, Coolwhip, honey and sugar, and paper towels

a knife, spoon and fork

Go to the local biggest produce store and get a couple of each, then put samples of each uncut and precut in seperate bowls.

Add an afternoon at a picnic table and voila....presto.... snappo
good eating and learning.

Good for you to do this for them.

Have them feel the fruit, the shape and textures and best of all have them smell the fruit. Then let them feel how they feel against each other fruit in the bowl.

I just learned that blind people don't even dream about objects. It makes sense...

I don't think you CAN describe that to a blind person, unless they have FELT what "round" is or "sharp" or "soft", even still... they will never be able to truly know what a bowl of fruit LOOKS like. They can only imagine what things look like from what they have felt in their hands. They will never know what a "red apple" looks like, they will never know colors because you cannot touch color.

Interesting question...

You would have them wash their hands & then let them "feel the fruit" just as if you wanted them to know what you look like, you would let them "feel your face". You could also describe it to them, just as you would the color of your hair which cannot be discerned by touch.

Give them the fruit to let them experience themselves, also help them by telling them the colour of the fruit and the shape , better, ask them to eat it.:)

with taste and smell ,,they are only lacking one sense ,,,

allow them to use their other senses. Too easy.

with lots of details

U let them feel the fruit and smell it . SImple

depends what kind of fruit is in it. I'd describe the texture and shape, and I'd use a lot of adjectives (sweet, juicy...etc).

Allow them to touch, taste and smell the fruit. But if a person has been blind since birth how would they know the color of a "red" apple or a "green" apple?...red could be described as an emotion such as passion or as heat, hot or flushing. The green could be described by the cool feel of grass in the shade on a warm day. Everyone can experience sensations invoked by emotion and vice-versa.

You can't describe it visually. You can only describe it using the senses they have available. Typically touch and smell. You can describe the aroma and the texture.

Describe the items using the 4 senses other than sight.

Describe how each item tastes, feels, smells, sounds. If possible have the person taste, feel, smell, and listen to each of the fruit.

florrie f
Like feeling the clothed panted bottom of someone with the worst case of hemorrhoids you've ever felt in your life.

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