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How can i remove sleep from my life?
How can i remove sleep completely from my life? Forgetting the health risks involved as i'm a live fast die young sort of guy. So ANY methods are welcome. :-)

don't close your eyes?

People have been trying to do this for centuries and it never works. My tip: Drink lots of coffee.

Cindy Roo
You can't and why in the world would you want to? That is crazy and you know it!!! That is why God created a sleep pattern for all of us!!! So get plenty of what our Lord gave to you!!!

Hmmmmmm, good question. How about standing in front of a bus? You won't need to bother with sleep or any other health risk after that!

Good Luck with that and let us know how it works. Inquiring minds want to know!

Sell your bed, and try speed or crack, works for most and you'll lose weight to boot.

drink lots of cafee, don`t drink alcohol, stay awake.... get a nightjob` ;))

Lewis A
lots of Cocaine and crack! or speed! than you won't beable to sleep even if you wanted to. But beware after about 36hrs of no sleep, you start to go crazy and break down. But you'll be so high you probably wont notice


emma m
why would you want to??

Well there are lots of caffiene containing drinks or you could try drugs! Dont smoke weed and stay well away from alcohol, remove any thing that might have a sedative effect at all. You may have about 2 weeks of fast living before your body and brain are unable to function and things start to break down. Maybe even a month but the risk of a fatal accident gets higher day by day!
Please dont drive or operate machinery as this increases the likelyhood of you taking an innocent life with you when you go!!!

You are either totally stupid or suicidal!

Bodacious Baby

taz c
You can't avoid sleep - eventually you will become tired & will need to rest. It is adviseable to sleep if you feel tired, not push yourself into staying awake.

Drink lotsa red bull?

You cant completely remove sleep from your life, without sleep your body will not be able to function properly and you could create serious health problems.Personally i wouldnt take the risk but if you would a tip is to drink lots of coffee because it contains a large amount of caffiene and prevents you from feeling sleepy.

I knew a professor in Oregon who did meditation for two hours a day. He would sit in his office with the lights dimmed, quietly breathing, keeping as still and quiet as possible. He tricked his body into thinking it had a full eight hours of sleep. He said he was health and he seemed happy and alert all the time. So, other than drugs, try meditation. =]]

Troubled Joe(the ghost of)
ask it to leave

Unfortunately you cannot completely remove it from your life. You HAVE to sleep at some point or it will drive you insane. If you want to force the issue there are many number of stimulants both legal and illegal that you could take. From caffiene to methampetimenes. There are also several experimental drugs that the military is working on to counter sleep deprivation.
Start here:

Dr Dave P
You can't - it is not possible. Your brain will not allow you to do it, it will shut down and you will go crazy. Sleep is a necessary part of life experience. As you sleep all the events that transpired during conciousness are organized in your brain along with other life experiences to form memories (you may even call recall some of these experiences and term them dreams).

Your body can't take the stress either. Take a look a a crack head whose been up for 4 days straight and you know what I mean.

Smoke crack all the time. You wouldn't be able to go to sleep if you wanted too.

paint eyes on ya eye lids, if you do fall asleep no one will know..and you will keep your reputation as a live fast die quick kinda bloke....

Well you will die young if you don't sleep!
An American study linked life spans with sleep amount and found that those who sleep 4 to 7 hours live longer lives, with those sleeping less than 4 or more than 9 hours having about a 30% increased chance of early death, similar to moderate obesity. However, The National Sleep Foundation maintains that 8 hours of sleep is optimal, claiming improved performance in tests, reduced risk of accidents and a better immune system. A widely publicized 2003 study performed at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine demonstrated that cognitive performance declines with less than eight hours of sleep.
Good luck to you

You could kill two birds with one stone - start taking loads of Cocaine, live really fast and die really young.

You won't be able to. No matter how hard you try, sleep will catch up with you. Little catnaps here and there that you will not even be aware of. Eventually your body will become so tired you will eventually go to sleep for several hours, and there may be nothing you can do about it. Just pray you are not driving or operating machinery at the time, otherwise it will be good-night permanently.

stay awake

crazy person
you can't remove sleep from your life. your life depends on sleep. without it, in a week you'll be looking dead. and have no energy or life in you. if you're one of those live fast die young guy then try other things like bungee jumping or skydiving

Blunt Honesty
You can't. After about 4 days, your body will begin to break down. You can ignore the signs all you want, but it is a physical impossibility to completely eliminate sleep from your life for very long.

Impossible, I'm afraid.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm seek therapy

you can't. Or, at least not in this world.

You can't. It's impossible. The body will eventually fall asleep. Prior to that, you won't even have the mental capability to function properly.

its not physically possible. if you try to go with no sleep, your body will just shut down and go into multiple organ failure after a week or so. talk about die young.

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