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How Often Should You Have A Bowel Movement? Is This Normal?
hi all.

Was just wondering how often one should have a bowel movement.

The last time I remember having one was in the week sometime, was definatly before Friday. I have ate weetabix since then and other food. I must admit I havn't ate alot because we are short on food until Tuesday.

I just don't feel like i need to go to the toilet. It must have been 3-4 days now.

You should have one at least once a day. Exercise will help increase this movements. Also you should eat some fruit that has fiber that also will help with constipation.

You have real problems and need to improve your diet. You should be needing a dump at least once a day.

ideally you should go once for every meal. You should def be going more than you are.

If you are not going to the toilet you have not broken your food down to produce waste material. This also means you have not broken it down to get what your body needs from your food - vits and mins, energy etc.

make sure you eat a balanced diet with plenty of fibre, fresh fruit and veg and as little sugary, processed food as possible.

take time to chew your food well - digestion starts in your mouth.

drink plenty of water but do not drink at all with food as this will dilute your digestive juices.

Supplements can help but I would recommend getting advice to check which ones you need:

digestive Enzymes
B vitamins - these are needed for the production a gastric juices
Free Form Amino Acids - form the enzymes needed for food digestion.

jesse MED. interested
it depends on the peristalsis of a human. if your digestive track is very hardworking then you would BM atleast a day or twice a day.
in your case; this might be normal as youve sed you eat in small amount.

if that would still persist and feeling of intoxication is felt like. body weakness and feeling of unclean, that would be an indication that you are intoxicated by your waste.

try to eat high fibers food such as pineapples vegetables:

pharmacological mgt:

Dulcolax would do atleast 2 tabs a day
diatabs 2 tabs per take
and other anti stasis medications

for more info ask your doctor.


Everyone has their own normal pattern of having a bowel movement. If you know you are not eating properly then try to improve your diet. Perhaps you are not eating the amount of fiber to help you move the bowel movement along.
I suggest you contact your doctor and have a discussion with him and be educated on what you may be doing wrong.

It maybe the wrong diet for your body and instead of passing it, it will store it, i had this problem once. Doctors can give u tablets medicine or a pellet for it, and in the course of 1 day it should come out. Be prepared for pain tho, sorry for ur hurt thats going to come

You are constipated and I feel your pain. Fiber One cereal worked wonders for me...seriously. Cherries are good as well. Since you indicate a shortage of food I would think that you are probably eating cheaper processed foods. Pardon me if I'm mistakened...get some bran into your diet and instead of meat eat fruits and veggies...no meds necessary. The average bowel movement should be at least twice a day but once a day is okay....

Voodoo Child
Do the corn test. I know this sounds gross, but a friend of mine who's a nurse told me about it. Eat a plate of sweetcorn and see how many days it takes to appear in your stool. The body can't digest sweetcorn properly so it'll be visible don't worry you don't have to go sifting through it.

This will give you an indication of how quick your bowels are. It just sounds like you need more fiber.

Check out this website as well it gives a list of foods that might be slowing down your bowels. http://www.foodsthatcauseconstipation.com/

jodie b
You should drink plenty of water, take fiber and go see a Doctor. I know you said your short on food right now but it there any food pantries in your area? You need to eat and expecially, keep your self hydrated. I hope you feel better:)

You should be having one at least once a day.
Here are some things that if you start doing I guarantee you will have a bowel movement

eat more fiber
drink lots and lots of water a day (8 glasses at least)
exercise everyday - you will notice that right after you exercise you will feel the urge to use the bathroom
- also... go when you feel the urge (anytime/anywhere) this way you will not get backed up

blue dolphin
What's Normal?
Many people think that normal means having one bowel movement every day, but that's not always true. People are different, and so are their bowels. Normal for one person might be three bowel movements a day, and normal for another might be three bowel movements a week. If your bowel movements fit somewhere in that range, then you're on a normal schedule.

This site is also informative.

i have that problem as well. But i dont use the toilet frequently anyways. Drink lots of water or fluids and eat fruits high in fibre like oranges. Trust me it really helps

1 or 2 times daily.

Go and see your doctor as this can be an effect of many illnesses.

Or just eat properly...

every day, drink more water

i think thats normal if you dont eat much ..but maybe you could try eatin more fibre

Cran Juice
Most people have different amount of bowel movements a day or week. For some, it may be normal to have 2 or 3 bowel movements a day! For others, that many per week. However, I say you should aim for 1 per day. BMs mean that your digestive tract is working. The more time that goes by without a BM means that your colon may get clogged up. Not only is that unhealthy, it gets uncomfortable. It's also possible to gain weight because of the amount of feces built up.

You should try eating more fiber and drinking more water in your diet. If it doesn't work, then try taking a laxative.

One should evacuate after every large meal!! Your diet is non-existent virtually and will create all kinds of problems for you!!
Besides mal-nutrition and all the complications with that you are subjecting yourself to other conditions such as disease and Gi tract problems !!! Don't exclude cancer as well since toxins can build up in the body!!!!!!!!!

How often? If you go once a week and you feel perfectly comfortable and don't have to strain, that's absolutely fine. And if you go four times a day and you're quite comfortable, that's also fine.


Abby <33
everyone is different..

some people go as often as 1-2 times a day
some people go as seldom as 1-2 a week...

you shouldnt be worried, jus make sure you eat a balanced diet and drink a lot of water..

and never force yourself to have a bowel movement, you could definitely hurt yourself doing that :)

hope i could help!

Everyone is different. Most of my family only goes once a week or so and I know people that go 3-4 times a day. It's all about how well you process the food you eat. My family tends to use it much more efficiently and therefore we have less waste to get rid of. Remember that feces is the garbage left after processing the food you ate.

Some like us are like the hybrid cars and some like those that go 3-4 times a day are the Hummers. As long as you are on a regular schedule, don't worry. If you normally evacuate once a week and it goes past a week and a half, you might need to take some ex-lax or something to get it moving.

Many people believe that the definition of a normal bowel movement is having 1 movement each day, but that is not true for everyone. There is no rule for frequency of bowel movements, but the general range is from 3 times a day to 3 times a week. Less than 3 movements a week may indicate constipation, and more than 3 watery stools a day could indicate diarrhea. so if you have it once i think you should be Ok and not to worry about.

I have a big poop once or twice a day... but then again, I'm a fat man. I guess I could be considered healthy... or maybe I go too much?

Yup, that doesn't sound healthy... get some more fiber, or see a doctor. Even skinny people who don't eat much take a **** more than that.

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