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Have you ever had a Headache so bad it makes you feel to vomit?

Melissa c
it is a migrain put a cool wet rag over your eyes and lay down do not turn on any lights or tvs just lay down in a dark place and try to got o sleep for a little while you should feel better.

Yes, almost everyday!

Oh, I hope you don't have one now...it is probably a migraine, especially if it is on one side of your head. Lay down in the dark, stay quiet, take Excedrin Migraine and I hope it goes away soon.

Headaches like that are either caused by alcohol, virus, or indigestion.

I have headaches related to indigestion and they are not very mild, you feel a bit dizzy and you start salivating then vomit.

It is common also for migraines to cause vomit. You may want to check and see if you have migraine isntead of headache.

Rinse your mouth quickly after you vomit, this makes it so that you feel less nautious. And sometimes the vomiting relieves the headache.

You can try a Swiss 100% botanical extract called NATURAL OIL 31 HERBS by Swiss Just which is a company from Switzerland now available in America and use a drop on your temples plus one on your stomach massaged on skin. It has a blend of 31 herbs that promotes good circulation, many times its proven to get rid or reduce the headache, and it helps with joint muscle pain as well as reumatism.

Use Lavender extract on yr bath, aromatherapy lamp or dab a drop on yr temples if you just have a stress headache. It also helps when one vomits because it calms one down and inmy experience it helps neutralizing ill sensations.

Yes. I hope it hasn't happened to you. I'm sorry if it has.

It is normal once in life time! Especially when under stress.

yeah - migrane - not good

Its a migraine.My sister and grandmother suffer from these and the best thing to do is see a doctor.

yes its a migraine. I would see a doctor for that they have meds out there your doc can persribe to you and helps you avoid them. good luck

It can be a migrane headache...Or it can be a combination of things with other symptoms as well.

Welcome to the world of migrains! I've been visiting this world for the last 20 years. My best advice, get to a doctor, they might be able to prescribe something that will either help you from ever getting them, or help when you do get them!

yea that would be an everyday ordinary migraine. go to the doctor and they can help.

Bludz n my eyez
i get those alot, i get them so bad even the light hurts. What you do is take 3 excedrin migrain get a wet wash cloth go into a dark,quiet, and cold room put the wash cloth on your forehead and try and go to sleep. in a few hours you will be fine .

John B
It is a migraine headache! Medication for this has been used for as far back as the 1940's and perhaps beyond. Problem with it is it is not 100% effective but even if 75% it is a big help.

If you have this, and have not seen a doctor...what are you waiting for. There is relief.

Read all about it at the following link.

Yup. That could be a migraine. It happens and is pretty normal for some people.

Absolutely. This is some form of a migraine headache. I used to work in a neurology clinic and my main job was doing infusions on ppl such as having this condition when meds by mouth were ineffective. There are many types of migraines and it can effect you differently. Some people even experience partial paralysis when they get these headaches. Good luck to you.

yes i have, lots. i have done all the things the others have suggested, sometimes it works sometimes it don't for me i have to make myself go ahead and be sick to feel better. believe it or not it helps enough that i can aleast lay down, and not toss and turn from the stomache upset. i feel for you. Good luck, do see a doctor as the others said there are meds. that help you not have them as often and help relieve them faster.

the markabel

here's why...

when you get a headache, you worry about why you have one. That upsets your stomach and your body produces an abundant supply of somach acid which makes you feel like vomiting.
My suggestion....
It's just a headache. Take 2 aleive. Serious problems with your head will not cause nausia.

(could have been food poisoning too if it only happened once)

Avoid taco bell.

Yup...and it's not fun either

Its called a migrane

Yes. These can be severe tension headaches, migraine headaches or cluster headaches.

Try laying down in a dark or dimly-lit room with white noise (like a fan) or no noise. Put a cold compress (like an ice pack wrapped in a washcloth) on your forehead. Think about the muscles in your neck and shoulders and consciously relax them one at a time.

That should alleviate the headache and make the nausea go away.

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