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Robert S
Has you ever been asleep but still aware of your surroundings but unable to open youre eyes.?

Jonathan R


The White Guinea Pig
Yes - this is called a catatonic paralysis. You will often hear of people being able to see the room around them even though they have their eyes closed and being paralysed and very scared - some people struggle with this on a regular basis and some people never have it at all.

Many spiritualists belive that this is the desired state of mind to be in when trying to "leave the body" via astral projection.

The reason this state occurs is because when we go to sleep at night and our systems shut down our brain shuts off our motor neurones so that we do not physically react to the things we see in our dreams. (this malfunctions with some people resulting in insomnambulism/sleepwalking). If the mind wakes up before the brain has managed to re activate the motorneurone connections then it results in catatonic paralysis.

This condition is never permanent and only last a few second although it feel like an eternity.


nope...but i have had an OBE

yes it is a very uneasy feeling

...sort of like dreaming...

yeah, can't move either. It's actually a bit horrible.

cgghtb f
yea thats called being awake

Racist Answer Man
Every Friday and Saturday night when I was in college.

I have. More than once actually. It is weird. It's like my mind is awake before my body. I think it is kinda metaphysical. But who knows????

YupYup and i hated that feeling!

L ♥ J
yes its scary

No but I've been really tired before and unable to close my eyes.


yes it is freeky

yes you get the kinda feeling were ur stuck like trapped i get those all the time "deep sleep" is what they call it something holds you back and the only way out is to deal with it or pray ur self out of it!

yes. i am aware of my puppy moving around in the bed before I am awake.

Joel B
Once i was but is probably Because you were so tired You couldnt sleep yes its possible

yes. It happens when I'm like ridiculously tired and get woken up and fall back asleep a few times. Most of the times I don't know what's going on but I know a few random specifics of my surroundings.

I Believe in Love
Yea that has happened to me a few times. It is such a weird feeling!

Are you cereal?
Yes. I was once kidnapped by aliens and they beamed me into their spaceship. Then they released a strange purple drug into the air. I fell asleep but I was perfectly aware and they got me with a freakin' anal probe! Then they abandoned me later and left me naked and covered in a strange jelly in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

yes when i had surgery. couldn't do anything about it. almost caused me to have a heart attack! now on my hand & later on my foot surgery they kept me awake for it. hope nothing real bad ever happens cause i'm afraid to be put under!

Yes. Woke up many times like that only eyes would open but it was like someone was choking me, couldn't breathe and couldn't yell out!! Scary!!

♥Shortstuff ♥
Yes, years ago when my doctor put me on muscle relaxers. I hated that feeling & never took anymore.

It's actually called sleep paralysis and for some people, they have very positive experiences, but others find it terrifying. I'm one of the terrified ones! I've actually researched this quite a bit and found that it can happen right when your going to sleep or right as your wake up. It's not common, but it's not rare. Didn't bring much comfort to me and I don't even like to talk about it for fear that just talking about it will bring another "episode" on. Silly, I know, but we can't always be rational.

At the moment I'm in that stage!!YES!!

Irish Sean
Yes, it happens to me about once a week. My wife & I refer to this as "The Dream". Not only can I not open my eyes but can't move & yell my wifes name to wake me up, and it's not easy for her to do as I must be in a deep sleep.
Somewhat scarey when it happens & leaves me exhausted afterwards.
Thought it only happened to me.

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