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Fleas are biting me. What can I do? I have no pets. They must have been brought in by someone else.?


Get a pet, then they will leave you alone!!

Dry Dreamer
Train them and open your own flea circus

Dust your home with a flea powder that contains Permethrin, that will kill them. Make sure you do it every two weeks for a month or two to catch any new fleas that may have hatched later.

If you don't have pets then it can't be fleas biting you unless you have been to someone else's house whose pets have fleas. It could be heat spots or bites from another insect when you have been outside or they have came in your window. Put Calamine Lotion on the bites to reduce the itching.

You can get a Flee bomb. Heavy duty room clearer, from your chemist. Close all windows. Activate bomb. Leave for a couple of hours. (Cover food etc).

Annie M
Dab some citronella or Tea Tree Oil on your skin, they will keep well away then. Ive just zapped a few wasps with citronella that appeared in my kitchen and it sorted them out.

change your bed clothes and wash yourself with medicated soap, in fact wash eyerything.

Star Spirit
Spray your floors, not just carpet, but all along the walls and doorways. Spray any furniture. Then...this is the important part...since you don't have pets, you could still bring fleas in from the yard...you need to spray outside, by your door, the grass, anywhere you walk. Your neighbors' pets could have fleas, strays could have fleas, and the fleas could be coming in on your pants legs. Spray everything. Then in two months, spray again to catch any eggs that may have hatched.

If you live in a rental, ask your landlord to take care of the problem.
I have been told that if you use something like Avon's Skin So Soft on your skin, that it will repel all insects. I haven't tried this, but it is worth the effort if it does work.

Go to OSH or Home Depot. In their pesticides isle they sell spray for fleas. My favorite one smells like oranges. Spray it all over your carpet to kill the fleas. Its non-toxic, so its safe to use around kids, food, and pets. I used it to get rid of a huge flea problem in my apartment.

get flea spray and spray the whole house

It could be a bad case of house dustmites

get flea spray and do all your soft furniture + carpets anyway, preferably just before leaving the house for several hours.

Fleas could of got onto your clothing from anywhere and survived long enough to infest your house.

Clair H
I had this problem once and it was caused by a birds nest in a hole in the outside wall of my house. Birds are crawling with flees, Also my friend had Ivy growing up the outside of here house and when it was cut down they got covered in fleas from the nests in this. Check that you don't have a birds nest somewhere like in the eaves or loft.

Bite them back!!

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