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Elle Dee
Feels like an air bubble inside my ear, help!?
My one ear feels like it has some sort of air bubble inside it, I keep yawning coz it feels like it could pop but it's still there, very annoying as my ear now hurts. Anything I can do about this fast, I got a night out coming up and this will ruin it.

Hold your nose very tight and blow down it.If this doesn't fix your ear but makes you fart,try again but insert your thumb up your bum.

bill g
whats probably happened is some insect has crawled into your ear and is now living in your ear as i write this it is probably laying 1000's of eggs in your ear which will hatch in 24 hrs and start to eat your brain. i suggest u seek medical attention a.s.a.p. or start charging them rent :)

I hate to be a pessimist, but you may have a bacterial infection. I suffer these occasionally and only prescription medication can sort it out.

Did you get your ears pierced? If so, do you have the bubble where your ears were pierced? If so then thats why.

You may have ear wax. Get some Earex or similar from a pharmacy or Tesco's.

This symptom is often reported as ear blockage, fullness or pressure. I think it is unlikely to be due to wax, or blocked eustachian tube leading to reduced middle ear pressure behind the eardrum. It is almost certainly due to a drop in pressure in the inner ear from low blood pressure, dehydration, weight loss, etc. This is a very common mild form of Meniere's disease. In the first instance, check if you have any other symptoms however slight of MD.

Try jumping on one leg, on the same side as the painfull ear, and hold your head so your ear faces down. I`m sure it will help. Didn`t you go swimming recently?

Squeeze your nose and puff your cheeks out.

sounds like wax try some warm olive oil

If you start getting a swaying sensation and feel sick then its an ear infection. If could be and inner ear infection or an outer ear infection!

Try getting a friend to put their fingers in your ears while you drink a glass of water.

First try flushing your ear with ear wax remover, if symtoms still exist, make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible,because you could have an infection of some sort. But to eliminate the bug theory, have someone look inside your ear, preferrably a doctor and see if they see anything, including irritation, redness, white bumps puffyness. These are classic signs of an infection, and don't wait to get it done, go and have it checked out before going out or your night will surely be ruined.

Ive heard that ear candles are effective but 1st id recommend calling the NHS Direct helpline. They answer quickly and give good advice :)

I had this and it drove me crazy.
Go to the health food store and ask for "ear candles".
These work immediately and they work great!

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